KO Cup – Preliminary and First Round Results

Preliminary Round – 11th September 2019

The game number in each round gives the Team Number for the next round.

1 Tim’s Booze Cruzers 433 v 444 Bradnich Cricket Club
2 Bellies 413 v 326 Ashbrittle
3 Roy’s Rebels 344 v 310 All Blacks
4 White Hart Floppers 387 v 420 Uplowman
5 Prince B 369 v 336 Huntsham A
6 Barley Knockons 312 v 305 Mooners
7 Barley Mow 402 v 362 The Hounds
8 The Merriemeade 396 v 439 Settler Boys

First Round – 18th September 2019

1 Globetrotters 442 v 411 Tim’s Princes
2 Bradnich Cricket Club 535 v 487 Uplowman
3 Ashill Inn 365 v 400 Bullocks
4 The Travellers 408 v 361 The Agri-Nuts
5 HCC2  v  Rose and Crown
6 Calverleigh 391 v 383 Tiverton Chiefs
7 Barmy Army 426 v 431 Bradninch RBL
8 Bickleigh  v  Bellies (postponed – alley clash)
9 The Farmers 406 v 425 Roy’s Rebels 
10 The Ponies 412 v 442 Crossways
11 Redwoods 353 v 346 Tiverton Riverside Club
12 Barley Knockons   v  HCC1 (postponed – alley clash)
13 Settler Boys 441 v 422 Queens Head
14 Brass Monkeys  356 v 341 Prince B 
15 Castaways 382 v 350 Barley Mow 
16 Catherine Wheel  394 v 385 Oggies

Draw for second round

Second Round – 8th January 2020

1 The Travellers  v  Roy’s Rebels 
2 Bullocks  v  Winner of 12
3 Winner of 8  v  Bradnich Cricket Club
4 Globetrotters  v  Catherine Wheel
5 Bradninch RBL  v  Castaways
6 Brass Monkeys  v  Crossways
7 Redwoods  v  Settler Boys
8 Winner of 5  v  Calverleigh

Captains Cup 2019/20

A good night was had by all at Tiverton Rugby Club as the season kicked-off with the captains cup. Here are the details, round by round.

Playing in the semi-finals are Queens Head, Barley Knockons, Prince B and The Farmers.


2019/20 Fixtures are now available on the Fixtures page. Don’t forget that Player Enrolment and the Captains Cup is on Wednesday 4th September at Tiverton Rugby Club.

The preliminary Cup round is on 11th September, with the first round on 18th September (Cup draw details are also on the fixtures page).

League fixtures start on 25th September.

Fixtures 2019/20

Select a team name to open a PDF fixture list. Cup fixtures available below the team list.

All Blacks
Ashill Inn
Barley Knockons
Barley Mow
Barmy Army
Bradninch Cricket Club
Bradninch RBL
Brass Monkeys
Catherine Wheel
Huntsham A
Prince B
Queens Head
Rose and Crown
Roy’s Rebels
Settler Boys
The Agri-Nuts
The Farmers
The Hounds
The Merriemeade
The Ponies
The Travellers
Tim’s Booze Cruzers
Tim’s Princes
Tiverton Chiefs
Tiverton Riverside Club
White Hart Floppers

Pictures from Finals Night 2018/19

Division A Winners – Bradninch Cricket Club

Division A Runners-Up – Brass Monkeys

Division B Winners – Oggies

Division B Runners-Up – Barley Knockons

Division C Winners – Barmy Army

Division C Runners-Up – Rose and Crown

KO Cup Winners – Settler Boys

KO Cup Runners-Up – Globetrotters

Individual Winner – Brian Quait

Individual Runner-Up – Rob Williams

Highest Away Average Division A – Phil Saunders

Highest Away Average Division B – Roger Beaver

Captains Cup Winner – Mark Brown

Captains Cup Runner-Up – Kevin French

Highest Score Division A – Matt Gillard

Highest Score Division B – David Gollop

Highest Score Division C – Sid Manning

Highest Score on Finals Night – Andy Crocker

Reports – Division C – 10/04/2019

  1. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye
  2. Barmy Army 495 The Agri-Nuts 386
  3. The Merriemeade had a bye
  4. HCC1 365 The Travellers 394
  5. The Farmers 406 Tim’s Booze Cruzers 378
  6. Ashill Inn 371 Bickleigh 405
  7. Rose and Crown 452 White Hart Floppers 399

High Scores:

84 – Steve Manning (Barmy Army), 5 Spares;  71 – Kicker Pike (Barmy Army), 3 Spares;  68 – Phil Slade (Barmy Army), 3 Spares;  67 – Simon Coombs (Rose and Crown), 2 Spares;  66 – Paul Blackman (Ashill Inn), 3 Spares.


  1. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye.
  2. Table-toppers Barmy Army finished in style with a 109 pin win against Agri-Nuts.  The win included two 101 rubs, plus a 5-spare 84 from Steve Manning.  Agri-Nuts won the third leg by 5.
  3. The Merriemeade had a bye.
  4. HCC1 365 The Travellers 394.
  5. The Farmers won at home to finish 2 points above visitors Tim’s Booze Cruzers.  Cruzers took the first rub by 4, but Farmers hit right back, taking the second by 13.  They continued their good form, winning the next two rubs for a 25 lead after four.  Cruzers took the fifth by 4, but Farmers were out of sight as they won by 28.
  6. Bickleigh finished with a win away at Ashill Inn.  Bickleigh were 12 up at the half-way point and took the fourth and fifth rubs for an unassailable 35 lead going into the last, which Ashill took by 1 to make the difference 34.
  7. Rose and Crown won at home against White Hart Floppers and finish second on pin difference.  Rose and Crown jumped into a 19 pin lead after two rubs.  An 82 third leg was drawn, before Rose and Crown took the next two rubs by 36 for an unbeatable lead.  Floppers took the last by 2 for a gap of 53.

Rose and Crown secure second place on pin difference. There was a 3-way tie for second – The Farmers, Bickleigh, Rose and Crown – and the calculations are shown below …