Reports – Division A – 10/04/2019

1.Castaways 379 Queens Head 382;
2.Elmore Club 305 Ashbrittle 333;
3.The Ponies 448 Settler Boys 402;
4.Bradninch RBL 383 Crossways 466;
5.Globetrotters 404 Calverleigh 373;
6.Roy’s Rebels 329 Bradninch C Club 332;
7.Brass Monkeys 380 Bellies 366;

High Scores – 80 – R Clements (The Ponies, four spares); 71 – Andrew Palfrey (Crossways, three spares); 67 – Mark Deane (Crosswys); Andy Crocker (Settler Boys) both three spares; 66 – Steve Whiteway (Crossways, three spares);

1.It was a close game between Castaways and Queens Head with the latter just taking the win by three pins! The home team were 30+ pins up after three legs, but Queens won the last three legs to win.
2.Elmore Club were overtaken by Ashbrittle after the second leg, the third was shared and with the away team taking two of the last three legs it was game won.
3.It was a good night for The Ponies as they took on Settler Boys and won the game comfortably. This was helped in no small way by posting a 88 second leg pulling 30 pins !
4.It was not a good night for Bradninch RBL as they went down heavily to Crossways their stable mates!!! The latter won five of the legs including a four spare 94!
5.Globetrotters made home alley count as they won five legs in their game with Calverleigh.
6.Roy’s Rebels took on league champions Bradninch C Club and did not disgrace themselves as they only lost by three pins! The first leg was shared then the home team won the next two but the away team pulled 19 pins on the fourth which took them to the line.
7.As Brass Monkeys won their game with Bellies this cements runners-up place in the league. They had a good start to the game winning the first two legs and then only won more more but had enough in hand to take the win by 14.

Reports Division A – 03/04/2019

1.Queens Head 421 Elmore Club 421
2.Ashbrittle 359 The Ponies 341
3.Settler Boys 473 Bradninch RBL 400
4.Crossways 408 Globetrotters 402
5.Calverleigh 387 Roy’s Rebels 409
6.Bradninch C Club 466 Brass Monkeys 435
7.Castaways 363 Bellies 364
Late Result – The Ponies 406, Queens Head 457;

High Scores – 74 – Wayne Bristow (Settler Boys, three spares); 73 – B Gratton (Globetrotters, three spares); 71 – D Buckingham (Queens Head, four spares); Brain Quait (Settler Boys, three spares); 68 – G Reed (Bradninch C Club, three spares); 67 – R Acton (Bradninch C Club, three spares); 66 – L Reed (Bradninch C Club, two spares); Adrian Bussell (Brass Monkeys, four spares); 65 – Matt Clark (Roy’s Rebels, two spares);


1.Queens Head won the first leg to take a 16 pin advantage over Elmore Club who then won the next three. Queens won the last two and at the line there was nothing to separate the teams!
2.It was a good night for Ashbrittle as they won their game with The Ponies by 18 pins. The home team won all the legs except the last, but by that stage the game was theirs.
3.Settler Boys drew the second leg with Bradninch RBL but won the rest to take the game winning by 75. They also posted 91 leg and two of 80+.
4.It was a close game between Crossways and Globetrotters and though the home team won less legs that the away team, they took enough pins on the legs they won to take the game.
5.Calverleigh found Roy’s Rebels in top form as the latter won four of five legs and with the last shared won the game. They were 22 pins up after three legs and that was the winning margin.
6.The result of this week’s game between Bradninch C Club and Brass Monkeys was just what the home team wanted. They won four of the legs to take the points and are this season’s Gerry Cup – League Champions.
7.It was a game of nip and tuck between Castaways and Bellies as first one team won a leg and then the other! Bellies just won by one pin.

Reports – Division A -27/03/2019

1.The Ponies v Queens Head – no result received.
2.Bradninch RBL 429 Ashbrittle 394;
3.Globetrotters 373 Settler Boys 405 ;
4.Roy’s Rebels 339 Crossways 331;
5.Brass Monkeys 403 Calverleigh 393
6.Bellies 379 Bradninch C Club 383;
7.Elmore Club 338 Castaways 310

High Scores – None this week.


  1. The Ponies v Queens Head – no result received.
  2. Though Bradninch RBL were eight pins down half way through their game with Ashbrittle, they got their act together and won the last three legs by enough to take the points, including pulling 33 pins on the last leg of 88!
  3. Globetrotters could not catch up stable mates Settler Boys who were 26 pins up after two legs, and though the home team won the next two it was never enough and the Boys won the last two.
  4. It was a good night at the office for Roy’s Rebels who took a narrow victory over Crossways. The home team won the first four legs by enough to keep them in front at the line.
  5. A slow start by Brass Monkeys meant that Calverleigh overtook them after four legs to lead by 21, but they won enough on the last two legs to take the game!
  6. In a game between the top two teams in the league Bellies and Bradninch C Club saw the latter just get their noses in front at the line to take the game by 4 pins.
  7. In a low scoring game Elmore Club had overtaken Castaways after two legs to lead by five pins, they lost the third buy won the rest to keep the points at home.