Reports – Division A – 11/10/2017

  1. Castaways 349, Brass Monkeys 339;
  2. Globetrotters 438, Ashbrittle 381;
  3. Bellies 370, Elmore Club 367;
  4. The Hounds 331, Barmy Army 318;
  5. Crossways 385, Queens Head 406;
  6. Bradninch C Club 450 The Ponies 449;
  7. Barley Mow 423, Settler Boys 400;

High Scores: 71 – S Dryhurst (Globetrotters, 2 spares one of 23); 69 – C Acton (Bradninch C Club, two spares) 68 – Kevin Richardson (Barley Mow) and C Welsh (Globetrotters) both 2 spares;


  1. After two legs Castaways had overtaken Brass Monkeys, then narrowly won the third with BMs winning the next two the home team were only five up. Then the decisive last leg was won by Castaways to take the points.
  2. Globetrotters took five of the legs in their game with Ashbrittle to take a big win which included a 23 spare in Shaun Dryhurst’s score of 71.
  3. A close game took place between Bellies and Elmore Club with the home team just edging the win. The first leg was shared and though Bellies were 11 pins down going into the last two they found enough to take a close game.
  4. The Hounds had a good start against Barmy Army as after two legs they had taken 22 pin lead, they lost the third and fifth and with the fourth shared the last leg was the important one. The home team won that and the points.
  5. Crossways were up after two legs against Queens Head, but then lost the next three legs, and though they won the last the game was gone from them.
  6. Bradninch C Club and The Ponies had a close game with the decisive leg being the home time five spare 102 fourth leg (the only leg they won!), but it was enough to take the points.
  7. The legs were shared in the game between Barley Mow and Settler Boys but a larger haul on the legs the Mowers won was what won them the game.

Reports – Division A – 04/10/2017

  1. Ashbrittle 332, Castaways 346;
  2. Globetrotters 413, Barley Mow 356;
  3. Brass Monkeys 377, Bellies 383;
  4. Elmore Club 341, The Hounds 365;
  5. Barmy Army 455, Crossways 447;
  6. Queens Head 433, Bradninch C Club 413;
  7. The Ponies 420, Settler Boys 432;

High Scores: 72 – F Froom (Barmy Army – two spares one of 27!); 68 – R Sobey (Crossways), C Martin (Queens Head) both three spares; 66 – D Buckingham (Queens Head, two spares); 65 – A Hill (Barmy Army – two spares);


  1. Ashbrittle were overtaken by Castaways after the second leg and were unable to catch up their opponents, who took the points away with them.
  2. Globetrotters won five of the legs in their game with Barley Mow and with the other won drawn it was a comprehensive win. They were ahead from the start and kept up the pressure to the end.
  3. In the game between Brass Monkeys and Bellies two legs were shared and each team also won two legs, but the away boys pulled a few pins on theirs to take a close win.
  4. The derby game between Elmore Club and The Hounds went the latter’s way as though they only won two legs with one shared they pulled enough pins on those legs to take a good win.
  5. After two legs Barmy Army were looking down the barrel of Crossways’ guns as they were 20 pins adrift, but the troops rallied and with the third leg shared pulled enough pins to take a close fought game.
  6. Queens Head were playing catch up as after two legs they were behind against Bradninch C Club. They were still adrift going into the last leg when they posted huge total of 93 to take a 20 pin win.
  7. The roles were reversed in the game with The Ponies and Settler Boys, as in the cup game the former won at the Boys’ alley and now in this league game it was the other way round! Both teams were level after three legs then SBs took two of the last to take the points.

Reports – Division A – 27/09/2017

  1. Castaways 327, Globetrotters 337;
  2. Bellies 393, Ashbrittle 380;
  3. The Hounds 308, Brass Monkeys 331;
  4. Crossways 420, Elmore Club 426;
  5. Bradninch C Club 520, Barmy Army 450;
  6. Settler Boys 434, Queens Head 422;
  7. Barley Mow 407, The Ponies 413;

High Scores: 77 – D Goff (Queens Head, 4 spares); 75 – Matt Gillard (Bradninch C Club – 3 spares); 73 – Ed Andress (Bradninch C Club – 4 spares), S Manning (Barmy Army – 3 spares); 72 – J Manley (Barmy Army – 4 spares); 69 – Phil Fyles (Bradninch C Club – 3 spares), P Martin (Queens Head – 3 spares); 68 – Jon Reed (Bradninch C Club – 2 spares), Brain Quait (Settler Boys – 3 spares); 66 – Ken White (Elmore Club, 3 spares); 65 – Rob and Chris Acton (Bradninch C Club – 2 spares);


  1. A slow start by Castaways saw them being overtaken by Globetrotters who maintained their advantage to the end of the game and happy to win the points.
  2. Bellies pulled 11 pins over the first two legs in their game with Ashbrittle and then took two more to win by 13.
  3. The Hounds and Brass Monkeys both won half the legs, but the latter pulled enough pins to take the points away with them.
  4. Newly promoted Crossways took on League Champions Elmore Club and shared the legs but the latter took the win albeit by only 6, as their captain Ken White posted the top score.
  5. A high scoring game took place with Bradninch C Club and Barmy Army, which is not unusual on that alley, with eight players posting high scores; six of the home team which helped them to good win.
  6. Settler Boys entertained Queens Head and though the home team won the game, pride of place must go to League Chairman Derek Goff who posted 77 the highest score of the week!
  7. Barley Mow lost by a mere 6 pins to newly promoted team, The Ponies, and it was a tight call up to the last.