Reports – Division A – 14/03/2018

  1. Bradninch C Club 450, Castaways 453;
  2. Settler Boys 425, Globetrotters 438;
  3. The Ponies 385, Ashbrittle 421;
  4. Queens Head 441, Brass Monkeys 428;
  5. Barmy Army 501, Elmore Club 393;
  6. Crossways 401, Bellies 399;
  7. The Hounds 367, Barley Mow 327;

High Scores: 78 – Wayne Cottrell (Settler Boys, four spares one of 25}; 76 – R Welsh (Queens Head, four spares); 71 – L Rendall (Barmy Army) and Angelo Binacionni (Castaways) both three spares; 70 – A Hill (Barmy Army, two spares); 69 – F Froom (Barmy Army, three spares); 68 – R Lowman (Elmore Club, three spares); 66 – P Slade (Barmy Army, two spares); 65 – M Shires (Castaways, two spares);


  1. Bradninch C Club were involved in a close game with Castaways with the result in doubt until the last leg. The away team won the game on the second leg pulling 11 pins and stayed in front to the line in-spite of the Cricketers wining all five other legs!
  2. The derby game between Settler Boys and Globetrotters saw the Boys take the first leg by 24 pins with the Totters overtaking them after the third and though they lost the fourth won the rest to take the points and stay in joint top spot.
  3. The Ponies did not have a good day at the office as went down at home to Ashbrittle. They won the last leg but the game was already lost as by then the away team had taken too many pins to lose the game.
  4. Queens Head won their game against Brass Monkeys with R Welsh their anchor man taking the honours with a three spare 76 posting 12 pins more than any other player in the game.
  5. Barmy Army went on the rampage this week against Elmore Club showing them no mercy as they won all the legs and at the end of the war had won by 108 pins (yes 108!). At the halfway stage the home team already had a 50+ pin advantage.
  6. Crossways remain in touch with the leaders as they are just two points off the top spot as they just won their game against Bellies. The legs were shared but the home team managed to be ahead at the line by just two pins.
  7. Bottom of the table clash was won by the home team The Hounds as they took a comfy two points beating Barley Mow. The Hounds won the first five of the legs as the Mowers won a consolation last leg.

Reports – Division A – 07/03/2018

  1. Castaways 353, Settler Boys 324;
  2. Globetrotters 404, The Ponies 414;
  3. Ashbrittle v Queens Head – game postponed;
  4. Brass Monkeys 389, Barmy Army 382;
  5. Barley Mow 396, Elmore Club 398;
  6. Bellies 372, Bradninch C Club 383;
  7. The Hounds 316, Crossways 349;
    Late Results; Barmy Army 432, Ashbrittle 399; The Ponies 403, Castaways 426;
    High Scores: 73 – Bruce Billing (Barley Mow, three spares); 69 – M Gillard (Bradninch C Club, three spares); 67 – Roger Lowman (Elmore Club, three spares);


  1. It was a good game for Castaways as they beat Settler Boys. They won all the legs to take a comfortable win.
  2. Globetrotters were 21 pins adrift after two legs in their game with The Ponies and though they pulled some back they were still 10 pins behind at the line.
  3. Ashbrittle v Queens Head game postponed.
  4. Brass Monkeys secured a welcome win as they beat Barmy Army; the game did not start very well for the home team as they were 16 down after two legs, but then got their act together to get ahead at the last.
  5. Barley Mow nearly pulled off a shock win only failing by two pins to beat Elmore Club; it was nip and tuck all the way to the line.
  6. The first leg was shared in the game between Bellies and Bradninch C Club and the home team won the next two, but then the away boys won two of the last three to take an 11 pin win.
  7. The Hounds found Crossways in fine form as the latter won all the legs to take a good win.

Reports – Division A – 28/02/2018

  1. The Ponies v Castaways – No Result Received;
  2. Queens Head 421, Globetrotters 462;
  3. Barmy Army v Ashbrittle – No Result Received;
  4. Elmore Club 348, Brass Monkeys 367;
  5. Settler Boys 454, Bellies 411;
  6. Bradninch C Club 512, The Hounds 474;
  7. Crossways 397, Barley Mow 385;
    High Scores: 73 – L Reed (Bradninch C Club, three spares); 71 – I Edgecumbe (The Hounds, three spares); 68 – G Reed (Bradninch C Club, two spares); 67 – J Dowrick (Bradninch C Club) and K French (Globetrotters) both three spares; Brian Quait (Settler Boys, two spares); 66 – C Stoneman (Globetrotters, three spares); 65 – J Pike (Brass Monkeys, three spares); Andy Kemp (Settler Boys, two spares);


  1. Ponies v Castaways – No Result Received;
  2. The top of the table battle took place between Queens Head and Globetrotters with the latter taking the honours as the teams now share top spot. The away team were 26 pins after four legs and that was game won.
  3. Barmy Army v Ashbrittle – No Result Received
  4. Elmore Club suffered a defeat against Brass Monkeys as they lost three legs and it was game over by the end of the fifth as the last leg was shared.
  5. Settler Boys had a comfortable home win against Bellies. The first leg was shared but then the home team only lost one of the other five and took the points.
  6. It was a good day at the office for Bradninch C Club as they beat The Hounds,  though both teams won three legs, the home team won theirs by more and included a 32 pin-pull on the 101 fourth!
  7. By winning one more leg than their opponents Crossways beat Barley Mow. The home team were trailing after three legs, but won the next two and took the game.