Reports – Division B – 13/12/2017

  1. Bickleigh 463 Uplowman 432
  2. Roy’s Rebels 319 Prince B 320
  3. All Blacks 360 Catherine Wheel 326
  4. Huntsham A 374 Bradninch RBL 364
  5. Calverleigh 384 Bullocks 395
  6. Redwoods 381 HCC1 379
  7. Rose and Crown 416 Oggies 392

High Scores:- 68 M Seatherton (1 spare@25, Bickleigh), 65 A Boswold, (3 spares,Bickleigh)


  1. Bickleigh and Uplowman had come big rub pulls in the match but the home sides were bigger pulling an impressive 40 in the 3rd giving them a 31 pin win.
  2. Roy’s Rebels and Prince B had 6 very close rubs with the away side pulling on only 2 but pulled enough on those 2 to win by a single pin.
  3. All Blacks had it all their own way against Catherine Wheel winning all 6 rubs on the way to a 34 pin win.
  4. Huntsham A were 13 pins up early doors against Bradninch RBL who pulled 8 back in the middle 2 rubs, the home side then pulled a few more in the last 2 to take a 10 pin win.
  5. Calverleigh didn’t drop a pin in the first half against Bullocks but the away side picked up momentum in the 4th and with a pull in the final 3 cruised past the home side to win by 14.
  6. Redwoods were on the back foot from rub 1 against HCC1 until the very last rub when they slipped past to win by 2.
  7. Rose and Crown and Oggies shared the rubs in an up and down match with the home side making the best of it to win by 24.

Reports – Division B – 06/12/2017

  1. Uplowman 381 Roy’s Rebels 382
  2. Prince B 386 All Blacks 402
  3. Catherine Wheel 382 Huntsham A 379
  4. Bradninch RBL 401 Calverleigh 367
  5. Bullocks 406 Redwoods 370
  6. HCC1 380 Rose and Crown 353
  7. Oggies 355 Bickleigh 382

High Scores:- 78 S Pengelly (4 spares, All Blacks).


  1. Uplowman and Roy’s Rebels swapped the lead throughout the game with the home side 12 clear with 1 to go, the rebels then posted the highest rub of the match to steal the points by a single pin.
  2. Prince B were 16 pins to the bad against the All Blacks thanks mostly to one player scoring 27 more than any other team member helping his team to a nice win.
  3. Catherine Wheel and Huntsham A shared the rubs but the home side managed to hold on to a slender lead over the final rubs to win by 3.
  4. Bradninch RBL deny  Calverleigh a share of top spot taking the first 4 rubs gaining a good lead, the away side pulled on the last 2 only reducing the win to 34 pins.
  5. Bullocks dropped just 2 pins against Redwoods on the way to a comfy 36 pin win doing most of the damage in the final 2 rubs.
  6. HCC1 claimed 5 of the 6 rubs against Rose and Crown taking a nice 27 pin win.
  7. Oggies couldn’t contain the table toppers Bickleigh only shared the rubs but made theirs count with a nice 27 pin win.

Reports – Division B – 29/11/2017

  1. All Blacks 338 Uplowman 359
  2. Huntsham A 366 Prince B 351
  3. Calverleigh 424 Catherine Wheel 361
  4. Redwoods 345 Bradninch RBL 406
  5. Rose and Crown 455 Bullocks 408
  6. HCC1 370 Oggies 355
  7. Roy’s Rebels 353 Bickleigh 328

High Scores:- 71 J Pulford (3 spares (1@21), Rose & Crown), 67 I Hyde (3 spares, Rose & Crown), 65 P Saunders & E Kingdom (both 2 spares, Calverleigh)….. S Baker 26 spare !!


  1. All Blacks went 18 down early doors against Uplowman who then shared the remaining rubs giving the away side a 21 pin win.
  2. Huntsham A built up enough of a lead in the first half against Prince B to see them through to a 15 pin win.
  3. Calverleigh pulled well on the rubs they won against Catherine Wheel building up a nice 63 pin tally for the points.
  4. Redwoods couldn’t pull a single pin against Bradninch RBL who stormed through all 6 rubs for a 61 pin win.
  5. Rose and Crown and Bullocks had some stonking rubs between them but the home side prevailed by 47 pins.
  6. HCC1 pulled on the first 4 rubs against the Oggies who although winning the final rubs fell 15 pins short giving the home side the points.
  7. Roy’s Rebels inflict Bickleigh’s second defeat in a row doing most of the damage early on giving them a 25 pin win.

Reports – Division B – 22/11/2017

  1. Uplowman 413, Huntsham A 372;
  2. Prince B 354, Calverleigh 408;
  3. Catherine Wheel 401, Redwoods 387;
  4. Bradninch RBL 433, Rose and Crown 368;
  5. Bullocks 368, HCC1 359;
  6. Bickleigh 423, All Blacks 458;
  7. Oggies 416, Roy’s Rebels 435;

High Scores; 75 – N Hooper (All Blacks, three spares); 71 – D Greening (All Blacks, three spares); 67 – R Lucas (Bradninch RBL), M Clark (Roy’s Rebels) both three spares; P Carter (Roy’s Rebels, two spares); 66 – B Bussell (Bradninch RBL, two spares);


  1. Uplowman lost the first leg to Huntsham A but won the rest to take the game quite comfortably. These two teams have been in the League since its beginning in 1951!
  2. Prince B’s losing streak continues as they went down heavily at home to Calverleigh. The away team took all the legs.
  3. After three legs Catherine Wheel were 10 pins down against Redwoods, but they won the last three legs to win the game, pulling 19 pins on the fifth.
  4. A good home win for Bradninch RBL against Rose & Crown saw them rise a place in the table to join their opponents. Though the home team lost the first leg game they won the rest including taking 27 pins on the last.
  5. It was all down the last leg in Bullocks’ game with HHC1! After the fifth leg the home team were three pins behind, but they pulled 16 pins on the last to take hard earned victory.
  6. Bickleigh won the first leg by 12 pins from All Blacks, but then the away team won the next by 20, pulled enough pins over the last four to spoil Bickleigh’s unbeaten run.
  7. Oggies went down at home to Roy’s Rebels, as two of their players high scored with 67 to help their team take the points and keep them in joint third place.

Reports – Division B – 15/11/2017

  1. Calverleigh 443, Uplowman 391;
  2. Redwoods 390, Prince B 375;
  3. Rose and Crown 418, Catherine Wheel 394;
  4. HCC1 368, Bradninch RBL 355;
  5. Bullocks 375, Oggies 421;
  6. Huntsham A 368, Bickleigh 379;
  7. All Blacks 331, Roy’s Rebels 338;
    High Scores; 81 – Brian Chapman (Rose & Crown, four spares, one of 21); 70 – Richard Latham (Oggies, three spares); 67 – S Baker (Bullocks, three spares);


  1. Calverleigh were already 14 pins ahead after three legs in their game with Uplowman, when they posted four spare 93 pulling another 39 pins, and that was game over!
  2. Taking the first three legs put Redwoods in a winning position against Prince B, and they also won the last leg to take the points.
  3. The legs in the game between Rose & Crown and Catherine Wheel were shared, but the home team won theirs by more to take the game win.
  4. Though HHC1 lost the first two legs to Bradninch RBL they then won three of the last four to take the game.
  5. Bullocks could only win one leg in their game with Oggies, as they took a heavy defeat, as the away team were already 22 pins up after two legs.
  6. Huntsham A took on unbeaten Bickleigh but could make no impression on the away team, and though the loss was not a large one, nevertheless Bickleigh took the points and remain unbeaten.
  7. A close game took place between All Blacks and Roy’s Rebels. The home team pulled 24 pins on the first leg but that was as good as it got for them and the Rebels won the next four by enough to take the game.