Reports – Division B – 14/03/2018

  1. Huntsham A 393 Uplowman 366
  2. Calverleigh 399 Prince B 391
  3. redwoods 376 Catherine Wheel 348
  4. Rose and Crown no card Bradninch RBL
  5. HCC1 366 Bullocks 379
  6. All Blacks 369 Bickleigh 367
  7. Roy’s Rebels 316 Oggies 337

High Scores:- 74 M Carey (3 spares, Price B).


  1. Huntsham A went 5 down against Uplowman but with a big pull in the 4th they managed to take a nice 27 pin win.
  2. Calverleigh keep up the pace with a slender 8 pin win over Prince B who were only 1 down with 2 rubs to go.
  3. Redwoods led from pillar to post against Catherine Wheel who only managed to pull a single pin in 1 rub leaving the home side with a 28 pin win.
  4. Rose and Crown No Card  Bradninch RBL
  5. HCC1 stay in the drop zone as the Bullocks come from behind to take a 13 pin win with the rubs being shared.
  6. All Blacks give a glimmer of Bickleigh being caught with a very slim 2 pin win after coming from behind only being in front after the final rub.
  7. Roy’s Rebels managed a pull in only 1 rub as the Oggies take a decent 21 pin win with the only spare of the game coming from the losing team.

Reports – Division B – 07/03/2018

  1. Uplowman 360 Calverleigh 379
  2. Prince B 399 Redwoods 359
  3. Catherine Wheel 395 Rose and Crown 376
  4. Bradninch RBL 411 HCC1 398
  5. Oggies 398 Bullocks 361
  6. Bickleigh 436 Huntsham A 427
  7. Roy’s Rebels 344 All Blacks 328

High Scores:-69 M Ware (3 spares, Bickleigh), 65 D Drew (2 spares, H C C 1),


  1. Uplowman fell behind early doors against Calverleigh going 25 down, the home side then held their own but the damage was done and the away side held for a 19 pin win.
  2. Prince B took a convincing win against Redwoods winning 4 of the rubs coming out 40 pins to the good.
  3. Catherine Wheel  stumbled out the traps going 19 down in the first visit to the alley against Rose and Crown but with a 24 pin pull in the third they soon took control and ran out 19 pin winners.
  4. Bradninch RBL pulled on each visit to the alley against HCC1 giving them a 13 pin win leaving the away side dangerously near the drop zone.
  5. Oggies only dropped in 1 rub against the Bullocks which gave them a nice 37 pin win.
  6. Bickleigh remain at the top with a close win against Huntsham A who managed to take half the rubs but went down by 9.
  7. Roy’s Rebels and All Blacks snapped on the first rub but the home team soon started to pull away pulling pins on all the remaining rubs to win by 16 pins.

Reports – Division B – 28/02/2018

  1. Redwoods 364 Uplowman 403
  2. Rose and Crown 464 Prince B 386
  3. HCC1 357 Catherine Wheel 380
  4. Bullocks 408 Bradninch RBL 402
  5. Calverleigh 432 Bickleigh 390
  6. Huntsham A  POSP  Roy’s Rebels
  7. All Blacks  No Card  Oggies

High Scores:-71 P Mills (3 spares, Prince B), 70 F Saunders (3 spares, Calverleigh), 69 S Coombs (3 spares, Rose & Crown), 66 J Pulford (4 spares, Rose & Crown), 65 S Holmes (2 spares, Rose & Crown).


  1. Redwoods started off 1 pin to the good after the first visit to the alley but Uplowman responded well pulling on the remaining rubs for a 37 pin win.
  2. Rose and Crown took no prisoners against Prince B pulling on every rub and running out 78 pin winners.
  3. HCC1 forgot to turn up in the first rub dropping 23 pins against Catherine Wheel and as the rest of the match was even the away side held the 23 pins until the end.
  4. Bullocks and Bradninch RBL kept things close with the rubs being shared but with the 14 pin pull in the first it saw the home side good for a 6 pin win.
  5. Calverleigh close the gap slightly on Bickleigh with a nice 42 pin win dropping pins in only the first rub.
  6. Huntsham A  POSP  Roy’s Rebels
  7. All Blacks  No Card  Oggies