Reports – Division B – 10/04/2019

1.Huntsham A 354 Tiverton Chiefs 362
2.Bullocks 373 Barley Mow 403
3.Prince B 409 Redwoods 354
4.All Blacks 289 HCC2 297
5.Uplowman 354 Tim’s Princes 376
6.Catherine Wheel 411 The Hounds 400
7.Oggies 392 Barley Knockons 381

High Scores:- 74 T White (3 spares, Barley Knockons), 68 T French (3 spares, Oggies), 67 L Jefferys (3 spares, Catherine wheel).


1.Huntsham A forgot to turn up until the 3rd rub as Tiverton Chiefs quickly went 28 pins up, the home side got to within 8 before the Chiefs pulled 5 in the 6th for a 13 pin win, to little to late as the chiefs drop back to div c.
2.Bullocks took an early 5 pin lead against Barley Mow but with the away side pulling on the remaining 5 rubs they cruised to a 30 pin win.
3.Prince B with big pulls of 21 and 17 against Redwoods they cantered to a 55 pin win but luckily the away side avoid the drop.
4.All Blacks and HCC2 shared the rubs but the away side pulled out a little extra to claim an 8 pin win leaving the away side playing in div c next season.
5.Uplowman struggled early doors against Tim’s Princes who built up enough of a lead to see them through to a 22 pin win.
6.Catherine Wheel and The Hounds kept things pretty close but a 14 pin pull in the 5th was enough to see the home side to an 11 pin win.
7.Oggies and Barley Knockons fight out the final game to decide the title, the home side drew first blood going 20 up at the half way stage, the away side drew 16 back leaving it close going into the final rub. Even with anchor man T White smashing a 74 the away side could not hold The Oggies who pulled a final 7 pins to win by 11 and become DIV A CHAMPIONS….. WELL DONE LADS!!!

Reports – Division B – 03/04/2019

1.Tiverton Chiefs 371 Bullocks 402
2.Barley Mow 390 Prince B 376
3.Redwoods 366 All Blacks 370
4.HCC2 379 Uplowman 340
5.Tim’s Princes 381 Catherine Wheel 358
6.The Hounds 410 Oggies 388
7.Huntsham A 375 Barley Knockons 392

High Scores:- 66 D Gratton (3 spares, Hounds).


1.Tiverton Chiefs held a very slender lead hat the half way stage but with the Bullocks taking the last 3 rubs it gave the away team a nice 31 pin win.
2.Barley Mow and Prince B kept things close until the final rub when the home side pulled a nice 17 to take a 14 pin win.
3.Redwoods and the All Blacks shared the rubs but the away side managed to take the points by a slender 4 pins for the win.
4.HCC2 only pulled on half the rubs against Uplowman but they really made them count giving them a tidy 39 pin win.
5.Tim’s Princes pulled on 4 of the 6 rubs against Catherine Wheel to take a comfy win by 23 pins.
6.The Hounds started off slow against the Oggies who went 19 up after 2 but a 41 pin pull over the middle rubs saw the home side take a lead they held until the end winning by 22.
7.Huntsham A only dropped pins on 3 rubs but it was enough for Barley Knockons to take a well needed 17 pin win to put them joint top of the table with a game to go, needing a win or draw for the title.

Reports – Division B – 27/03/2019

1.Prince B 359 Tiverton Chiefs 389
2.All Blacks 313 Barley Mow 314
3.Uplowman 375 Redwoods 358
4.Catherine Wheel 408 HCC2 364
5.Oggies 407 Tim’s Princes 408
6.Barley Knockons 394 The Hounds 385
7.Bullocks 373 Huntsham A 359


1.Prince B didn’t pull a pin until the 4th rub but by by then Tiverton Chiefs had taken a 34 pin lead to which they held to win by a comfy 30.
2.All Blacks held a slender lead until the third rub against Barley Mow, the away side then took a couple of nice pulls to go 16 up with 1 to go, the home side failed by a single pin to catch them leaving the Mow to win by 1.
3.Uplowman dropped pins in only the third on the way to a 17 pin win over Redwoods who are now safe from the drop.
4.Catherine Wheel dropped pins in only the third rub against HCC2 on the way to a very comfy 44 pin win.
5.Oggies had one hand on the title as after 4 rubs they had a very comfy 39 pin lead but Tim’s Princes pulled a very tasty 40 pins over the final 2 rubs to steal the game by a single pin.
6.Barley Knockons only pulled on the first and last rubs against The Hounds but that was enough to take a 9 pin win and leave them still with a slender hope of the title.
7.Bullocks built up a handy lead against Huntsham A came back strong in the end but the home side held on for a 14 pin win.

Reports – Division B – 20/03/2019

1.Tiverton Chiefs 360, All Blacks 430;
2.Barley Mow 412, Uplowman 418;
3.Redwoods 372, Catherine Wheel 374;
4.HCC2 372; Oggies 407;
5.Tim’s Princes 393, Barley Knockons 365;
6.Huntsham A 392, The Hounds 365;
7.Bullocks 388, Prince B 368;

High Scores – 72 – R Latchem (Oggies, three spares); 68 – Mark Billing (Barley Mow, two spares); 67 – Tim Hellier (Uplowman, three spares); 66 – P Gibb (All Blacks, three spares)


1.Though Tiverton Chiefs won the first leg the rest of the game belonged to All Blacks, and they also posted a third leg of 87.
2.Barley Mow could not stop Uplowman continuing their unbeaten away form! The home team won the first four legs, but the away team managed to pull enough pins on the last two to take the game by 6.
3.It was a close game between Redwoods and Catherine Wheel with the latter just getting their noses ahead at the line by two pins.
4.HCC2 found Oggies in top form as the latter won five legs to take a big win and maintain their position at the top of the division.
5.Tim’s Princes were 11 pins up after two legs in their game with Barley Knockons and though they lost the third won the next three to take a good win.
6.Huntsham A had overtaken The Hounds after two legs and never lost their advantage and had enough pins in hand to take the game.
7.Bullocks won enough pins over the first two legs to overtake Prince B and won the third and though they lost the next won the last and the game.