Headlines – 01/05/2019

Does anyone remember this happening before? The teams through to the Finals next week are alley mates as both Globetrotters and Settler Boys play at Half Moon, Tiverton. Should be a good game! We also look forward to the Individuals and Captains Semi-Finals and Finals. The games are then followed by the presentation of trophies to this seasons’ prizewinners.

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Headlines – Individual Cup Rounds – 17/04/2019

Many thanks to Tiverton RFC for looking after us so well! The games were played through to the Quarter-Finals with the winners of those going to Finals night to play the semis and finals on 8th May 2019 at Cullompton RFC. Those playing on Finals night are Rob Williams (Ashbrittle), Phil Slade (Barmy Army); Andrew Palfrey (Crossways); Brian Quait (Settler Boys);

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Individual Cup Rounds – 17.04.2019

Alley 1 Round 1; 65 – James Taylor (The Farmers); 61 – Dom Tuckett (The Ponies); 58 – Mark Blatchford (Bradninch RBL) and Martyn Bolt (Oggies); 54 – Steward Chapple (The Travellers): 53 – Brain Quait (Settler Boys); 49 – Phil Saunders (Calverleigh); 47 – Phil Slade (Barmy Army); 46 – Roger Beaver (Catherine Wheel); 43 – Graham Woodward (Tim’s Booze Cruzers); 42 – Andrew Branton (Uplowman); 41 – Rick Berner (Bellies) and Frank Robinson (Huntsham A);
Round 2 – John Pearce (The Hounds) 42 – 43 Brain Quait (Settler Boys); Roger Lowman (Elmore Club) 48 – 52 Mike Ware (Bickleigh); Phil Slade (Barmy Army) 40 – 10 Graham Woodward (Tim’s Booze Cruzers); Dom Tuckett (The Ponies) 41 – 43 Stewart Chapple (The Travellers); Andy Bolt (Redwoods) 54 – 55 Phil Saunders (Calverleigh) – 55; Roger Beaver (Catherine Wheel) 37 – 38 Kevin Denslow (Barley Knockons); Martyn Bolt (Oggies) 39 – 41 James Taylor (The Farmers); Mark Blatchford (Bradninch RBL) 45 – 42 Matt Clark (Roy’s Rebels);
Round 3 – Kevin Denslow (Barley Knockons) 46 – 48 Steward Chapple (The Travellers); Mike Ware (Bickleigh) 46 – 48 Phil Slade (Barmy Army); Mark Blatchford (Bradninch RBL) 50 – 51 Phil Saunders (Calverleigh); James Taylor (The Farmers) 44 – 46 Brian Quait (Settler Boys); Quarter-Finals – Phil Saunders (Calverleigh) 49 – 53 Phil Slade (Barmy Army); Brian Quait (Settler Boys) 48 – 43 Stewart Chapple (The Travellers);
Therefore Phil Slade of Barmy Army and Brian Quait of Settler Boys go through to the semi-finals at Finals night May 8th at Cullompton RFC.
Alley 2Round 1; 64 – Mark Billing (Barley Mow); 55 – Paul Blackman (Ashill Inn); 53 – Matt Gillard (Bradninch C Club) and Jon Pring (The Agri-Nuts); 48 – Ian Palfrey (White Hart Floppers); 47 – David Buckingham (Queens Head); 45 – David Gollop (Prince B); 44 – Phil Payne (HCC2); 39 – Malcolm Cryer (All Blacks); 38 – Phil Guy (The Merriemeade) and Nigel Newsome (Tiverton Chiefs);
Round 2 – Liam Forward (Tiverton Riverside Club) 41 – 44 Dave Buckingham (Queens Head); Andrew Palfrey (Crossways) 49 – 42 Phil Bell (Castaways); Phil Payne (HCC2) 55 – 39 Alistair Bussell (Brass Monkeys); Paul Blackman (Ashill Inn) 57 – 58 Ian Palfrey (White Hart Floppers); Barry Gratton (Globetrotters) 51 – 49 David Gollop (Prince B); Rob Williams (Ashbrittle) 60 – 58 Dave Webber (Bullocks); Jon Pring (The Agri-nuts) 56 – 59 Mark Billing (Barley Mow); Matt Gillard (Bradninch C Club) 53 – 54 Andrew Hancock (Rose & Crown);
Round 3 – Rob Williams (Ashbrittle) 60 – 53 Ian Palfrey (White Hart Floppers); Andrew Palfrey (Crossways) 61 – 51 Phil Payne (HCC2); Andrew Hancock (Rose & Crown) 78 – 39 Barry Gratton (Globetrotters); Mark Billing (Barley Mow) 66 – 36 Dave Buckingham (Queens Head); Quarter-Finals – Andrew Hancock (Rose & Crown) 46 – 55 Andrew Palfrey (Crossways); Mark Billing (Barley Mow) 47 – 55 Rob Williams (Ashbrittle);
Therefore Andrew Palfrey (Crossways) and Rob Williams (Ashbrittle) go through to the semi-finals at Finals night May 8th at Cullompton RFC.

Headlines – 10/04/2019

League Runners-up and Gerry Shield winners are Brass Monkeys who are tied on points with Bellies but have beaten them both home and away therefore have a better pin difference. The game between the top 2 teams in Division B was won by the home team Oggies. They are now Division B and Raven Cup winners with Barley Knockons winning the Aldridge Shield. In Division C second place was decided on pin difference and Rose and Crown are runners-up in the division winning the Geoff Pack Shield, with Barmy Army already Division C and Buckingham cup winners. There will be a full list of winners available at the Individuals next week.

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Headlines – 03/04/2019

Bradninch C Club are league champions as they cannot now be caught, though runner-up place is still down to the wire between Bellies and Brass Monkeys who play each other next week!! At the top of Division B, Barley Knockons and Oggies share top spot so it is down to next week ‘s results and/or pin difference to sort out winners and runners-up! In Division C Barmy Army have won the division with 4 teams fighting it out for runners-up spot! Again if tied on points pin difference is used.

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Headlines – 27/03/2019

Bradninch C Club’s win over Bellies puts them three points ahead of Bellies and Brass Monkeys and Brad CC have a game in hand. In Division B two points separate Oggies and Barley Knockons and the latter and Uplowman! In Division C Barmy Army are two points ahead of Bickleigh who are two points ahead of Rose & Crown, The Farmers and Tim’s Booze Cruzers.

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Headlines – 20/03/2019

With six more points still available nothing yet is certain re trophy winners and teams for relegation! So still everything to play for!

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