Headlines – 11/10/2017

Another 27 spare! This week from Bryan Sharland who plays for Bickleigh in a three spare 103 leg. He was closed followed by Stuart Young of Bullocks who posted a 25 spare in the same game. Shaun Dryhurst posted a 23 spare in his 71 for Globetrotters.

Headlines – 04/10/2017

Wow look what this week threw up!! Two 27 spares were posted, one by Freddie Froom of Barmy Army and one by Dave Greening of All Blacks! Also the first draw of the season which took place between Prince B and Oggies.

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Headlines – 27/09/2017

Six of Bradninch C Club players and two of Barmy Army posted scores of 65 and over, but top score of the week was thrown by League Chairman Derek Goff for Queens Head on the Half Moon alley. There was varying fortunes for the two newly promoted teams from B to A, as Crossways lost but The Ponies won. Two of the newly promoted teams from C to B both won – Bickleigh and Roy’s Rebels.

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Headlines – 20/09/2017

Two giant killing results this round! The Farmers of Division C beat Queens Head of Division A, and The Travellers also C beat Globetrotters also A!!!

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Knockout Cup First Round – 20/092017

1. Tim’s Princes conceded game to Crossways;
2. Huntsham A 389, Tim’s Booze Cruzers 363;
3. Ashill Inn 373, Barley Mow 382;
4. All Blacks 317, Castaways 355;
5. The Travellers 388, Globetrotters 384;
6. The Hounds 308, The Ponies 339;
7. Tiverton Chiefs 359, Bradninch C Club 396;
8. Barley Knockons 391, Roy’s Rebels 360;
9. HCC2 331, Oggies 352;
10. Redwoods 393, Brass Monkeys 376;
11. Bradninch RBL 367, Elmore Club 405;
12. The Merriemeade 386, Calverleigh 430;
13. Bellies 384, Bickleigh 354;
14. The Farmers 408, Queens Head 399;
15. Barmy Army 437, Uplowman 391;
16. Ashbrittle 348, HCC1 326;

High Scores – 69 – Eric Kingdom (Calverleigh, two spares one 21); 67 – Martin Sanders (Calverleigh, two spares); 66 – S Manning (Barmy Army, two spares);


  1. Tim’s Princes conceded game to Crossways;
  2. Huntsham A were on form as they won five of the legs against Tim’s Booze Cruzers and move forward to the next round.
  3. Ashill Inn could not repeat their success of last week as they lost at home to Barley Mow. Though they won four legs their opponents won the first two by enough pins to take the game.
  4. All Blacks fell behind on the first leg in their game with Castaways and could not make the deficit up.
  5. The Travellers had a close game against Globetrotters with the home side just edging the result, with the legs shared. Another giant killer act this week!
  6. Though the first leg was drawn in the game between The Hounds and The Ponies the latter then pulled pins on four of the next five to take the game.
  7. Tiverton Chiefs struggled to contain their opponents Bradninch C Club, who ran out easy winners taking five legs.
  8. The home team Barley Knockons won five of the legs to comfortably beat Roy’s Rebels. All the more satisfying for them as they have only just got back together again.
  9. After three legs HCC2 had overtaken Oggies but couldn’t maintain their run and fell behind over the last three.
  10. A good start by Redwoods put them in the driving seat with Brass Monkeys as they won four of the legs to win the game.
  11. Losing the first leg by 22 found Bradninch RBL playing catch up with Elmore Club the rest of the game and they were unable to do so.
  12. The first five legs were won by The Merriemeade’s opponents Calverleigh, and there was no coming back from that!
  13. Though Bellies lost the first leg against visitors Bickleigh they then won the next four to go 30 pins up and with the last leg shared that was the winning margin.
  14. The Farmers started off really well against Queens Head as they won the first four legs. Queens fought back over the last two but could not catch up. So another Div C team beat a Div A!
  15. Barmy Army won all the legs to comprehensibly beat Uplowman who could not get on terms.
  16. After two legs Ashbrittle were three pins up on HCC1 and then won the next three to move into the next round.

Therefore the draw for the 2nd round of the cup which takes place 10th January ‘18 is as follows.
1. The Travellers v Crossways;
2. The Ponies v Ashbrittle;
3. The Farmers v Huntsham A;
4. Redwoods v Elmore Club;
5. Oggies v Castaways;
6. Barmy Army v Calverleigh;
7. Barley Knockons v Bellies;
8. Bradninch C Club v Barley Mow;

Headlines – 13/09/2017

The first big spare of the season was thrown by Cary Rawlings of The Ponies as he posted a 25 in his first leg in the game with Settler Boys. There were two games that were won by a team in a lower division that the other and there were more away winners than home!

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Knockout Cup Preliminary Round – 13/09/2017

1. The Hounds have a bye;
2. Tiverton Riverside Club 362, Castaways 376;
3. The Merriemeade have a bye;
4. Bullocks 362, HCC1 401;
5. The Jockeys 372, The Farmers 407;
6. Tiverton Chiefs have a bye;
7. Queens Head 375, Rose and Crown 359;
8. Barmy Army have a bye;
9. Settler Boys 435, The Ponies 483;
10. The Travellers have a bye;
11. Catherine Wheel 361, Ashill Inn 368;
12. Barley Knockons have a bye;
13. Tim’s Booze Cruzers 417, Prince B 392;
14. Elmore Club have a bye;
15. HCC2 awarded game by The Agri-Nuts;
16. Roy’s Rebels 352, Padbrook Park 312;

High Scores; 69 – Phil Bell, (Castaways, three spares), Mark Tuckett (The Ponies, two spares); 67 – Stuart Sampson (The Farmers, three spares); 66 – Aaron Clements (The Ponies, two spares);

1. The Hounds had a bye;
2. Tiverton Riverside Club should be proud that they only lost by 14 pins to Castaways who are two divisions above them. The away team won the first four legs and though Riverside won the last two it was not enough to take the game.
3. The Merriemeade had a bye;
4. Though Bullocks and HCC1 shared the legs the latter won theirs by more than their hosts and won the game.
5. The game between The Jockeys and The Farmers was won by the latter, with lead man Stuart Sampson posting a three spare 67. Farmers won four of the legs with another shared.
6. Tiverton Chiefs had a bye;
7. Though Queens Head lost the first two hands against Rose and Crown and drew the third, they then got their act together and won the fourth drew the fifth and easily won the last to move into the next round.
8. Barmy Army had a bye;
9. It was not a good day at the office for Settler Boys as they only won one leg against The Ponies, whose lead man Cary Rawlings’ first hand was a 25 spare! This gave his team a good start and they made sure they made the most of that.
10. The Travellers had a bye;
11. Catherine Wheel lost at home to Ashill Inn who are a division below them. The game was lost in the first three legs. The fourth was drawn and though Ashill lost the last two they still had enough in the tank to move forward to the next round.
12. Barley Knockons had a bye;
13. Tim’s Booze Cruzers beat Prince B, who are a division above them. They started off slowly drawing the first leg and losing the next two. They then handsomely won the last three to take the win.
14. Elmore Club had a bye;
15. HCC2 awarded game by The Agri-Nuts;
16. Roy’s Rebels were playing the new league team Padbrook Park. They lost two legs along the way, but won the rest to take a good win and proceed into the next round.

Therefore the draw for the first round of the cup which takes place 20/09/17 is as follows.
1. Tim’s Princes v Crossways;
2. Huntsham A v Tim’s Booze Cruzers;
3. Ashill Inn v Barley Mow;
4. All Blacks v Castaways;
5. The Travellers v Globetrotters;
6. The Hounds v The Ponies;
7. Tiverton Chiefs v Bradninch C Club;
8. Barley Knockons v Roy’s Rebels;
9. HCC2 v Oggies;
10. Redwoods v Brass Monkeys;
11. Bradninch RBL v Elmore Club;
12. The Merriemeade v Calverleigh;
13. Bellies v Bickleigh;
14. The Farmers v Queens Head;
15. Barmy Army v Uplowman;
16. Ashbrittle v HCC1;

Headlines – 06/09/2017

Captains Cup Competition at Tiverton RFC – 6th September 2017

An excellent night with lots of skittlers either playing or supporting their teams, which meant a great atmosphere! The games were played through to the Quarter-Finals with those winners of those going to Finals night to play the semis and finals on 9th May 2018 at Cullompton RFC. The winners were Jason Dowrick of Bradninch C Club, Alistair Bussell of Brass Monkeys, Paul Mills of Prince B and Wayne Cottrell of Settler Boys.

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Captains Cup – 06/09/2017

Alley 1 – Round 1
Alistair Bussell (Brass Monkeys) – 55; Martin Roberts (Tiverton Chiefs) -48; Carl Bergfelt (The Agri-Nuts) – 47; Gary McLoughlin (Barley Knockons) – 44; Alan Piper (Roy’s Rebels) and Phil Hawkins (Catherine Wheel) – 43; Kev Richardson (Barley Mow) – 41; Gerald Westcott (The Farmers) and Tim Edworthy (Tim’s Princes) – 40; Alan Bolt (Oggies) 39+9; Melvin Boyce (Padbrook Park) – 39+6; Tex Tidball (Bullocks ) – 66; Colin Tucker (Barmy Army) – 30;
Round 2
Carl Bergfeld (The Agri-Nuts) – 42 beat Tim Edworthy (Tim’s Princes) – 38; Gerald Westcott (The Farmers) – 52 beat Angelo Binaccioni (Castaways) – 49; Dave Rich (Ashill Inn) – 44 beat Alan Bolt (Oggies) – 40; Kev Richardson (Barley Mow) – 56 lost to Ashley Rice (Crossways) – 61; David Chapple (The Travellers) – 39 lost to Alistair Bussell (Brass Monkeys) – 44; Phil Hawkins (Catherine Wheel) – 41 beat Alan Piper (Roy’s Rebels) – 40; Wayne Cottrell (Settler Boys) – 64 beat Gary McLoughlin (Barley Knockons) – 41; Steve Andrews (The Jockeys) – 42 lost to Martin Roberts (Tiverton Chiefs) – 51;
Round 3
Phil Hawkins (Catherine Wheel) – 41 lost to Ashley Rice (Crossways) – 47; Gerald Westcott (The Farmers) – 41 beat Dave Rich (Ashill Inn) – 36; Martin Roberts (Tiverton Chiefs) – 42 lost to Alistair Bussell (Brass Monkeys) – 49; Wayne Cottrell (Settler Boys) – 61 beat Carl Bergeld (The Agri-Nuts) – 44;
Alistair Bussell (Brass Monkeys) – 44 beat Gerald Westcott (The Farmers) – 42; Wayne Cottrell (Settler Boys) – 55 beat Ashley Rice (Crossways) – 53;
Therefore Alistair and Wayne go through to the semi-finals at Finals night.

Alley 2 – Round 1
Paul Mills (Prince B) – 67; Mark Tuckett (The Ponies) – 65; Simon Brealy (All Blacks) – 63; Paul Crispin (Bradninch RBL) – 62; Terry Palfrey (Tim’s Booze Cruzers) – 58; Gary Cross (Bellies) and Paul Foreman (The Hounds) – 57; Jason Dowrick (Bradninch C Club) – 48; Jon Dawes (Ashbrittle) – 45; Dave Fox (Bickleigh) – 44; Dave Buckingham (Queens Head) and Mark Cornish (Redwoods) – 43;
Round 2
Simon Brealy (All Blacks) – 43 lost to Jason Dowrick (Bradninch C Club) – 61; Jon Dawes (Ashbrittle) – 60 beat Nick Lineham (HCC1) – 50; Roger Lowman (Elmore Club) – 45 lost to Eric Kingdom (Calverleigh) – 48; Paul Foreman (The Hounds) – 46 lost to Simon Coombs (Rose & Crown) – 49; Allen Branton (Uplowman) – 44 lost to Paul Mills (Prince B) – 45; Terry Palfrey (Tim’s Booze Cruzers) – 50 beat Gary Cross (Bellies) – 40; Paul Tooze (The Merriemeade) – 47 beat Paul Crispin (Bradninch RBL) – 45; Ron Piper (Tiverton Riverside Club) – 42 lost to Mark Tuckett (The Ponies) – 47;
Round 3
Terry Palfrey (Tim’s Booze Cruzers) – 49 lost to Simon Coombs (Rose & Crown) – 50; Jon Dawes (Ashbrittle) – 42 lost to Eric Kingdom (Calverleigh) – 46; Mark Tuckett (The Ponies) – 45 lost to Paul Mills (Prince B) – 47; Paul Tooze (The Merriemeade) – 44 lost to Jason Dowrick (Bradninch C Club) – 47;
Paul Mills (Prince B) – 67(which included a 21 spare) – beat Eric Kingdom (Calverleigh) – 53; Jason Dowrick (Bradninch C Club) – 56 beat Simon Coombs (Rose & Crown) – 54;
Therefore Paul and Jason go through to the semi-finals at Finals night.