Reports – Division A – 11/10/2017

  1. Castaways 349, Brass Monkeys 339;
  2. Globetrotters 438, Ashbrittle 381;
  3. Bellies 370, Elmore Club 367;
  4. The Hounds 331, Barmy Army 318;
  5. Crossways 385, Queens Head 406;
  6. Bradninch C Club 450 The Ponies 449;
  7. Barley Mow 423, Settler Boys 400;

High Scores: 71 – S Dryhurst (Globetrotters, 2 spares one of 23); 69 – C Acton (Bradninch C Club, two spares) 68 – Kevin Richardson (Barley Mow) and C Welsh (Globetrotters) both 2 spares;


  1. After two legs Castaways had overtaken Brass Monkeys, then narrowly won the third with BMs winning the next two the home team were only five up. Then the decisive last leg was won by Castaways to take the points.
  2. Globetrotters took five of the legs in their game with Ashbrittle to take a big win which included a 23 spare in Shaun Dryhurst’s score of 71.
  3. A close game took place between Bellies and Elmore Club with the home team just edging the win. The first leg was shared and though Bellies were 11 pins down going into the last two they found enough to take a close game.
  4. The Hounds had a good start against Barmy Army as after two legs they had taken 22 pin lead, they lost the third and fifth and with the fourth shared the last leg was the important one. The home team won that and the points.
  5. Crossways were up after two legs against Queens Head, but then lost the next three legs, and though they won the last the game was gone from them.
  6. Bradninch C Club and The Ponies had a close game with the decisive leg being the home time five spare 102 fourth leg (the only leg they won!), but it was enough to take the points.
  7. The legs were shared in the game between Barley Mow and Settler Boys but a larger haul on the legs the Mowers won was what won them the game.

Reports – Division B – 11/10/2017

  1. Uplowman 366 Bradninch RBL 399
  2. Prince B 363 Catherine Wheel 350
  3. Bickleigh 485 Bullocks 433
  4. Roy’s Rebels 318 HCC1 339
  5. All Blacks 349 Rose and Crown 336
  6. Huntsham A 363 Redwoods 387
  7. Oggies 367 Calverleigh 374

High Scores: 73 M Ware (3 spares, Bickleigh) 73 S Young (2 spares inc a 25, Bullocks), 69 B Sharland (1 27 spare, Bickleigh) 67 M Seatherton (3 spares, Bickleigh), 66 J Norman (2 spares, Bickleigh) & S Blazey (3 spares, Bullocks).


  1. Uplowman only managed a small pull in the 4th as Bradninch RBL were in command much of the game taking a 33 pin win.
  2. Prince B took a 16 pin lead in the first rub against Catherine Wheel who the kept the rest of the rubs close pulling a few pins but the lead stayed with the home side until the end.
  3. Bickleigh only pulled on half the rubs against the Bullocks but the 57 they pulled was more than enough to run away with a 45 pin win.
  4. Roy’s Rebels found themselves on the back foot from the off as HCC1 took the first 4 rubs to be 29 up, the home side took the final 2 rubs but the damage had been done.
  5. All Blacks and Rose and Crown shared the rubs but the home side made theirs count coming away with a 13 pin win.
  6. Huntsham A took an early lead against  Redwoods who fought back to be 1 up after 3 but the away side soon took command and quickly pulled away to win by 24.
  7. Oggies won 4 of the rubs against Calverleigh but the away side pulled enough in the middle 2 rubs to take a slender 7 pin win.

Reports – Division C – 10/11/2017

  1. Tim’s Booze Cruzers 404, The Farmers 387;
  2. The Jockeys 401, Tiverton Riverside Club 360;
  3. HCC2 had a bye;
  4. Padbrook Park 389, Ashill Inn 378;
  5. The Merriemeade 375, The Travellers 393;
  6. The Agri-Nuts 342, Barley Knockons 358;
  7. Tiverton Chiefs 397, Tim’s Princes 395;

High Scores; 73 – Steve Boyce (Padbrook Park, three spares);


  1. After three legs Tim’s Booze Cruzers were 15 pins to the good against The Farmers, they lost the fourth and the fifth was shared but Cruzers won the last and took the game.
  2. The first and fourth legs were shared by The Jockeys and Tiverton Riverside Club, but the home team won the rest of the legs to take two very welcome points.
  3. HCC2 had a bye;
  4. Padbrook Park win again and this time against Ashill Inn. They were behind after two legs but got their act together to take the next two and the lead which was enough to take the win.
  5. Though The Merriemeade won the first leg in their game with The Travellers, the latter won four of the next by enough to take the game.
  6. The Agri-Nuts won the first two legs against Barley Knockons and the third was shared, but the away boys then took the last three to take the points away with them.
  7. Tiverton Chiefs won a very close game against Tim’s Princes. The game was won by the fifth hand as the last leg was shared but the winning margin was only two pins!

Reports – Division A – 04/10/2017

  1. Ashbrittle 332, Castaways 346;
  2. Globetrotters 413, Barley Mow 356;
  3. Brass Monkeys 377, Bellies 383;
  4. Elmore Club 341, The Hounds 365;
  5. Barmy Army 455, Crossways 447;
  6. Queens Head 433, Bradninch C Club 413;
  7. The Ponies 420, Settler Boys 432;

High Scores: 72 – F Froom (Barmy Army – two spares one of 27!); 68 – R Sobey (Crossways), C Martin (Queens Head) both three spares; 66 – D Buckingham (Queens Head, two spares); 65 – A Hill (Barmy Army – two spares);


  1. Ashbrittle were overtaken by Castaways after the second leg and were unable to catch up their opponents, who took the points away with them.
  2. Globetrotters won five of the legs in their game with Barley Mow and with the other won drawn it was a comprehensive win. They were ahead from the start and kept up the pressure to the end.
  3. In the game between Brass Monkeys and Bellies two legs were shared and each team also won two legs, but the away boys pulled a few pins on theirs to take a close win.
  4. The derby game between Elmore Club and The Hounds went the latter’s way as though they only won two legs with one shared they pulled enough pins on those legs to take a good win.
  5. After two legs Barmy Army were looking down the barrel of Crossways’ guns as they were 20 pins adrift, but the troops rallied and with the third leg shared pulled enough pins to take a close fought game.
  6. Queens Head were playing catch up as after two legs they were behind against Bradninch C Club. They were still adrift going into the last leg when they posted huge total of 93 to take a 20 pin win.
  7. The roles were reversed in the game with The Ponies and Settler Boys, as in the cup game the former won at the Boys’ alley and now in this league game it was the other way round! Both teams were level after three legs then SBs took two of the last to take the points.

Reports – Division B – 04/10/2017

  1. Catherine Wheel 375 Uplowman 392
  2. Prince B 341 Oggies 341
  3. Bradninch RBL 392 Bickleigh 400
  4. Bullocks 378 Roy’s Rebels 351
  5. HCC1 356 All Blacks 374
  6. Rose and Crown 449 Huntsham A 409
  7. Redwoods 390 Calverleigh 396


High Scores:-75 A Hancock (4 spares, Rose & Crown), 71 I Hyde (2 spares, Rose & Crown). A Mention to Dave Greening for getting the sought after 27 spare.



  1. Catherine Wheel took a decent 17 pin lead against Uplowman but the away side responded quickly with a 19th pull in the 3rd, they kept up the form dropping only in the last to hold on for a 17 pin win.
  2. Prince B and Oggies swapped the lead for fun in an even game, the away side drew a health 16 pin lead with 1 to go but keeping to the game the home side pulled those 16 to earn a draw.
  3. Bradninch RBL and Bickleigh kept honours even after 3 and with the home team pulling 11 on the 4th they looked good, but the away side took advantage of 2 poor rubs to pull 19 to win by 8.
  4. Bullocks commanded much of the game against Roy’s Rebels who managed a 15 pin pull in the 3rd but the home side came away 28 pins to the good.
  5. HCC1 fell out the gates as All Blacks went 17 up after 2 but a 27 pin pull by the home side put them back in good stead but a 27 spare by D Greening in 5th smashed the away side to the front to take the points.
  6. Rose and Crown posted a good first rub but still found themselves 8 down against Huntsham A, but the home side took the remaining rubs for an easy 40 pin home win.
  7. Redwoods saw Calverleigh take the lead in the first, the home side soon took the lead and with 2 shared rubs they held on to it until the final rub where the away side pulled 18 to take a narrow 6 pin win.


Reports – Division C – 04/10/2017

  1. Tiverton Riverside Club 442 Tim’s Booze Cruzers 405
  2. The Jockeys 362 Tiverton Chiefs 389
  3. The Farmers 399 HCC2 405
  4. Padbrook Park had a bye
  5. Ashill Inn 369 The Merriemeade 352
  6. The Travellers 415 The Agri-Nuts 347
  7. Barley Knockons 368 Tim’s Princes 299

High Scores:

66 – Philip Chapple (The Travellers), 3 spares ;  66 – Stewart Chapple (The Travellers), 2 spares.


  1. Tiverton Riverside Club posted an alley record 442 against visitors Tim’s Booze Cruzers in their 37 pin win. Although Cruzers took the first leg by 6, TRC were soon into their stride and 42 up after four legs. Cruzers took the fifth, but TRC were already home and dry.
  2. Tiverton Chiefs had a 27 pin away win at The Jockeys.  An otherwise tight game saw the third leg being decisive, where Chiefs took a 23 pin advantage.
  3. A close game between The Farmers and HCC2 saw the away side take the spoils by 6 pins.  Farmers were 12 up after four legs, but an evening best 80 on the fifth leg from HCC2 put them in a winning position.
  4. Padbrook Park had a bye.
  5. Merriemeade started well against Ashill Inn, but the home side finished well to take the game by 17 pins.  Merriemeade were 5 up at the half-way point, before Ashill took the last 3 legs for the win.
  6. The Travellers had a big home win against The Agri-Nuts.  Travellers set their stall out early and were 29 up after two legs.  They then took the remaining four for a clean sweep and a win by 68.
  7. Barley Knockons were on top form as they won their game against Tim’s Princes by 69.  Princes took just one leg in a disappointing night for the away side.

Reports – Division A – 27/09/2017

  1. Castaways 327, Globetrotters 337;
  2. Bellies 393, Ashbrittle 380;
  3. The Hounds 308, Brass Monkeys 331;
  4. Crossways 420, Elmore Club 426;
  5. Bradninch C Club 520, Barmy Army 450;
  6. Settler Boys 434, Queens Head 422;
  7. Barley Mow 407, The Ponies 413;

High Scores: 77 – D Goff (Queens Head, 4 spares); 75 – Matt Gillard (Bradninch C Club – 3 spares); 73 – Ed Andress (Bradninch C Club – 4 spares), S Manning (Barmy Army – 3 spares); 72 – J Manley (Barmy Army – 4 spares); 69 – Phil Fyles (Bradninch C Club – 3 spares), P Martin (Queens Head – 3 spares); 68 – Jon Reed (Bradninch C Club – 2 spares), Brain Quait (Settler Boys – 3 spares); 66 – Ken White (Elmore Club, 3 spares); 65 – Rob and Chris Acton (Bradninch C Club – 2 spares);


  1. A slow start by Castaways saw them being overtaken by Globetrotters who maintained their advantage to the end of the game and happy to win the points.
  2. Bellies pulled 11 pins over the first two legs in their game with Ashbrittle and then took two more to win by 13.
  3. The Hounds and Brass Monkeys both won half the legs, but the latter pulled enough pins to take the points away with them.
  4. Newly promoted Crossways took on League Champions Elmore Club and shared the legs but the latter took the win albeit by only 6, as their captain Ken White posted the top score.
  5. A high scoring game took place with Bradninch C Club and Barmy Army, which is not unusual on that alley, with eight players posting high scores; six of the home team which helped them to good win.
  6. Settler Boys entertained Queens Head and though the home team won the game, pride of place must go to League Chairman Derek Goff who posted 77 the highest score of the week!
  7. Barley Mow lost by a mere 6 pins to newly promoted team, The Ponies, and it was a tight call up to the last.

Reports – Division B – 27/09/2017

  1. Uplowman 410 Prince B 398
  2. Bickleigh 426 Catherine Wheel 378
  3. Roy’s Rebels 348 Bradninch RBL 316
  4. All Blacks 358 Bullocks 330
  5. Huntsham A 371 HCC1 331
  6. Calverleigh 445 Rose and Crown 349
  7. Oggies 379 Redwoods 367
    High scores:- 65 P Mills (2 spares, Prince B)


  1. Uplowman take a 12 pin win over Prince B who kept things close except for 4th were they lost 11 of the 12 pin deficit.
  2. Bickleigh took all 6 rubs against Catherine Wheel for a nice 48 pin win dominating the game from the off.
  3. Roy’s Rebels take the points against Bradninch RBL pulling pins on 4 of the rubs for a nice 32 pin win.
  4. All Blacks took the lead from the off against the Bullocks steadily increasing their lead on each visit to the alley coming out 28 pi winners.
  5. Huntsham A only dropped a single pin on the way to a 40 pin win over HCC1, 22 of those pins came in the 4th rub.
  6. Calverleigh will hope they start as they mean to go on as they were just 4 pins short of beating  Rose and Crown by a magic 100 dominating the game from the off.
  7. Oggies went 24 up against Redwoods over the first 4 rubs too hold a healthy lead with 2 to go. The lead was halved over the final rubs but the home side held ou for the points.

Reports – Division C – 27/09/2017

  1. Tim’s Booze Cruzers 409 The Jockeys 406
  2. HCC2 362 Tiverton Riverside Club 337
  3. Padbrook Park 411 The Farmers 384
  4. The Merriemeade had a bye
  5. The Agri-Nuts 339 Ashill Inn 374
  6. Tim’s Princes 386 The Travellers 357
  7. Tiverton Chiefs 390 Barley Knockons 385

High Scores:

66 – Peter Kittow (Agri-Nuts), 3 spares, one of 20; 65 – Josh Coffey (Padbrook Park), 3 spares.


  1. Tim’s Booze Cruzers edged a tight game at home to The Jockeys. Cruzers were 4 up after two legs, but Jockeys hit back to go 3 up after four. A best of the night 78 saw Jockeys stretch the lead to 11 with one leg to go, but a worst of the night 55 saw Cruzers take the spoils.
  2. HCC2 were winners at home to Tiverton Riverside Club. Riverside Club were in front by 2 after two legs, but the home side took the remaining four legs for a 25 pin win.
  3. Padbrook Park got off to a winning start in the league with a 27 pin win at home against The Farmers. Padbrook took the first three legs for an 11 pin advantage. Farmers took the fourth to reduce the deficit to 7, but a 22 pin advantage to the home side on the fifth effectively sealed the win.
  4. The Merriemeade had a bye.
  5. Ashill Inn started with a comfortable 35 pin win away at Agri-Nuts. The home side took the first and third legs, but Ashill had the game sown up after the fourth and fifth hands, where they picked up 33 pins.
  6. Tim’s Princes won by 29 at home to The Travellers.
  7. Another close game saw Tiverton Chiefs come out on top by 5 pins at home to Barley Knockons. Chiefs were 4 up after two legs and stretched that to 13 after four. Knockons took the last two legs, but came up 5 short.

Knockout Cup First Round – 20/092017

1. Tim’s Princes conceded game to Crossways;
2. Huntsham A 389, Tim’s Booze Cruzers 363;
3. Ashill Inn 373, Barley Mow 382;
4. All Blacks 317, Castaways 355;
5. The Travellers 388, Globetrotters 384;
6. The Hounds 308, The Ponies 339;
7. Tiverton Chiefs 359, Bradninch C Club 396;
8. Barley Knockons 391, Roy’s Rebels 360;
9. HCC2 331, Oggies 352;
10. Redwoods 393, Brass Monkeys 376;
11. Bradninch RBL 367, Elmore Club 405;
12. The Merriemeade 386, Calverleigh 430;
13. Bellies 384, Bickleigh 354;
14. The Farmers 408, Queens Head 399;
15. Barmy Army 437, Uplowman 391;
16. Ashbrittle 348, HCC1 326;

High Scores – 69 – Eric Kingdom (Calverleigh, two spares one 21); 67 – Martin Sanders (Calverleigh, two spares); 66 – S Manning (Barmy Army, two spares);


  1. Tim’s Princes conceded game to Crossways;
  2. Huntsham A were on form as they won five of the legs against Tim’s Booze Cruzers and move forward to the next round.
  3. Ashill Inn could not repeat their success of last week as they lost at home to Barley Mow. Though they won four legs their opponents won the first two by enough pins to take the game.
  4. All Blacks fell behind on the first leg in their game with Castaways and could not make the deficit up.
  5. The Travellers had a close game against Globetrotters with the home side just edging the result, with the legs shared. Another giant killer act this week!
  6. Though the first leg was drawn in the game between The Hounds and The Ponies the latter then pulled pins on four of the next five to take the game.
  7. Tiverton Chiefs struggled to contain their opponents Bradninch C Club, who ran out easy winners taking five legs.
  8. The home team Barley Knockons won five of the legs to comfortably beat Roy’s Rebels. All the more satisfying for them as they have only just got back together again.
  9. After three legs HCC2 had overtaken Oggies but couldn’t maintain their run and fell behind over the last three.
  10. A good start by Redwoods put them in the driving seat with Brass Monkeys as they won four of the legs to win the game.
  11. Losing the first leg by 22 found Bradninch RBL playing catch up with Elmore Club the rest of the game and they were unable to do so.
  12. The first five legs were won by The Merriemeade’s opponents Calverleigh, and there was no coming back from that!
  13. Though Bellies lost the first leg against visitors Bickleigh they then won the next four to go 30 pins up and with the last leg shared that was the winning margin.
  14. The Farmers started off really well against Queens Head as they won the first four legs. Queens fought back over the last two but could not catch up. So another Div C team beat a Div A!
  15. Barmy Army won all the legs to comprehensibly beat Uplowman who could not get on terms.
  16. After two legs Ashbrittle were three pins up on HCC1 and then won the next three to move into the next round.

Therefore the draw for the 2nd round of the cup which takes place 10th January ‘18 is as follows.
1. The Travellers v Crossways;
2. The Ponies v Ashbrittle;
3. The Farmers v Huntsham A;
4. Redwoods v Elmore Club;
5. Oggies v Castaways;
6. Barmy Army v Calverleigh;
7. Barley Knockons v Bellies;
8. Bradninch C Club v Barley Mow;