We’ve had some inquiries with regard to promotion and relegation from the divisions this season. The situation is dependent on a few factors (mainly whether the same teams all take part next season and whether any new teams join the league), but on the assumption that things stay as they are, we will implement the following.

Our intention is to move the byes in Division A and B to Division C, so that any new teams fill the available positions in Division C.

Division A – one team relegated. (-1)

Division B – 2 teams promoted (Division A + 2, thus eliminating the bye in A), 1 team relegated (Division B total -2)

Division C – 3 teams promoted (Division B + 3, thus eliminating the bye in B). Division C net gain -2 (+1 relegated from Division B, -3 promoted to Division B), thus having 2 byes in Division C.