League Rules

  1. The League shall be called the Sampford Peverell and District Skittles League.
    1. Women players shall not be allowed.
    2. No persons on the Pub/Door Watch Banned List shall be allowed to play in the League for the duration of their ban. If any team is found to have played a banned player after notification from the secretary the team will have 2 points deducted [win or lose].
  2. The League shall be run by a Committee composed of Officers [Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer] and all committee members shall be elected at the AGM.
  3. Teams playing in the League shall consist of eight players.
  4. The annual subscription shall be £15.00 for each team. The fee gives entrance to the Knock-Out Cup and League competitions.
  5. A season registration fee of £5.00* (pre 1st January, £2.50 post 1st January) is due for each player. This fee includes the Fixture Book and entry to relevant cup competitions and is reviewed annually. *Note that for the 2022/23 season the fee for any player aged 21 or under at the time of registration is £1.
  6. Any team registering a new player during the season must send the relevant registration fee (see 5 above) and signing on form to the Secretary with the match result card for the match in which the new player plays.
  7. Teams playing an unregistered player shall forfeit points won. Forfeited winning points shall be awarded to the opposing team. In additions, 2 points will be deducted for each additional week that the registration fee remains outstanding.
  8. No player shall transfer from one team to another without first resigning in writing from the first team. He must NOT have played for the original team in the current season. The League Secretary must be notified. The first team then shall then be reimbursed.
  9. Games shall be played on Wednesday evenings, commencing at 8.30 pm. If any team cancels a match giving reasonable notice the opposing team shall fix the new date for the game to be played within four weeks; or if postponed late in the season, must be played before the end of the league season. If this is not possible defaulting team shall forfeit the points. The League Secretary must be notified and result card sent in.
  10. Points given shall be two for a win, one for a tie. Should teams involved in promotion or relegation have the same number of points at the end of the Competition, pin difference will decide position.
  11. Games must start with no less than 7 players and no team can bring in a player after each team has played 2 rubs otherwise Lowest Score  for each leg must be used. A team with less than 7 players shall forfeit the game.
  12. Captains of teams taking part in a match shall act as judges for “NO BALL”, to be called before the ball strikes the pin and the ball MUST land inside the striking plate. As the ball is dead the pins knocked down shall be reset. But NO pins knocked down as a result of that throw shall be included in the score. The front pin should be marked white.
  13. On League alleys spots on which pins are set up shall at the commencement of the each playing season be clearly marked and the area occupied by these spots (referred to hereinafter  as “the diamond”) be surrounded by a clearly marked diamond shaped line and the front pin should be marked white. Pins knocked out of the diamond during a match shall be deemed to the dead from the time they leave the diamond until there are again set up. Should any team be reported to the league for failing to mark alleys and pins in accordance with these rules, that team will be deducted two league points.
  14. A player’s score shall be the number of pins he knocks down directly or indirectly by a ball properly thrown and allowed to reach the pins without interference. Pins knocked down by dead pins re-entering the diamond shall not be included in the player’s score.
  15. Home Captains shall send the result to the Secretary of the League with players’ names and scores signed by both Captains on the day of the match. Cards  to be received by the Secretary no later than 12 noon on the Friday after the match. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £1.
  16. The League Knock-Out Competition shall be played on a one game knock-out basis and reasonable expenses for sticker-up and food shall be shared by both teams. The preliminary and first rounds will follow the Captains Cup. The 2nd round will be played before the start of the second half of the League season, with the Quarter Finals taking place after the Individual Rounds. The League Officers will draw the Semi-Finals. In the event of a tie at the end of these matches, one extra hand shall be played until a result is reached. The draw for the Knock-Out Cup and other competitions will be made at the first Committee meeting of the season.
  17. All Knock-Out Competitions. In the event of a tie at the end of these matches, one extra hand shall be played until a result is reached.
  18. Each team shall send a player to take part in the Individual Competition and they MUST bring a sticker-up or will not be allowed to play. This will be played off at venue(s) decided by the Committee. The last four players will play for the Individual and Runners-Up Cups at the Grand Finals. There will be a fine of £10 for non-attendance, unless 3 days notice is given.
  19. The Frank Maddocks Captains Cup is played for on an individual knock-out basis at venue(s) decided by the Committee. Only Team Captains or Vice-Captains are eligible, they MUST bring a sticker-up or will not be allowed to play. There will be a deduction of 3 League points for non-attendance unless 3 days notice is given. The last four players will play for the Captains Cup and Russell Shield at the Grand Finals.
  20. The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be attended by a representative of each team. The team subscription of £15.00 membership to the League for the new season must be paid by the Roll Call, to which failure to have a member present will mean a 6 point deduction. No apologies for absence will be accepted.
  21. A team can only change alley during the season at the discretion of the Committee, unless there is no alternative.
  22. When possible the two top teams in Divisions ‘B’ and ‘C’ will be promoted to Divisions ‘A’ and ‘B’. The two bottom teams in Divisions ‘A’ and ‘B’ will be relegated to Divisions ‘B’ and ‘C’. With teams tied on points, pin difference between teams involved will decide position.
  23. All new Teams awarded League Membership will start in Division ‘C’. Applications will be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting, and must be sent in writing to the Secretary by Mid-May.
  24. All team trophies must be returned to the Secretary in good, clean condition by the end of March for engraving and presentation. It is the responsibility of the recipients of the trophies to ensure that adequate insurance is provided to cover any loss or damage to trophies awarded to them.
  25. Fair Play. Teams and individuals are expected to abide by the rules of fair play and to behave in a sporting manner at all times. If the committee are made aware of any instances where generally acceptable standards have not been met, they reserve the right to apply whatever sanction they deem appropriate. Any complaints regarding unsporting or unfair behaviour must be made as per Rule 27.
  26. All complaints must be made in writing to the committee and within 48 hours of the incident.
  27. These Rules incorporate the Resolutions approved at the League’s Annual General Meeting and are now up to date.

25th May 2022
Paul Tooze & Dean Capel, Joint Secretaries