Reports – Division C – 10/11/2017

  1. Tim’s Booze Cruzers 404, The Farmers 387;
  2. The Jockeys 401, Tiverton Riverside Club 360;
  3. HCC2 had a bye;
  4. Padbrook Park 389, Ashill Inn 378;
  5. The Merriemeade 375, The Travellers 393;
  6. The Agri-Nuts 342, Barley Knockons 358;
  7. Tiverton Chiefs 397, Tim’s Princes 395;

High Scores; 73 – Steve Boyce (Padbrook Park, three spares);


  1. After three legs Tim’s Booze Cruzers were 15 pins to the good against The Farmers, they lost the fourth and the fifth was shared but Cruzers won the last and took the game.
  2. The first and fourth legs were shared by The Jockeys and Tiverton Riverside Club, but the home team won the rest of the legs to take two very welcome points.
  3. HCC2 had a bye;
  4. Padbrook Park win again and this time against Ashill Inn. They were behind after two legs but got their act together to take the next two and the lead which was enough to take the win.
  5. Though The Merriemeade won the first leg in their game with The Travellers, the latter won four of the next by enough to take the game.
  6. The Agri-Nuts won the first two legs against Barley Knockons and the third was shared, but the away boys then took the last three to take the points away with them.
  7. Tiverton Chiefs won a very close game against Tim’s Princes. The game was won by the fifth hand as the last leg was shared but the winning margin was only two pins!

Reports – Division C – 04/10/2017

  1. Tiverton Riverside Club 442 Tim’s Booze Cruzers 405
  2. The Jockeys 362 Tiverton Chiefs 389
  3. The Farmers 399 HCC2 405
  4. Padbrook Park had a bye
  5. Ashill Inn 369 The Merriemeade 352
  6. The Travellers 415 The Agri-Nuts 347
  7. Barley Knockons 368 Tim’s Princes 299

High Scores:

66 – Philip Chapple (The Travellers), 3 spares ;  66 – Stewart Chapple (The Travellers), 2 spares.


  1. Tiverton Riverside Club posted an alley record 442 against visitors Tim’s Booze Cruzers in their 37 pin win. Although Cruzers took the first leg by 6, TRC were soon into their stride and 42 up after four legs. Cruzers took the fifth, but TRC were already home and dry.
  2. Tiverton Chiefs had a 27 pin away win at The Jockeys.  An otherwise tight game saw the third leg being decisive, where Chiefs took a 23 pin advantage.
  3. A close game between The Farmers and HCC2 saw the away side take the spoils by 6 pins.  Farmers were 12 up after four legs, but an evening best 80 on the fifth leg from HCC2 put them in a winning position.
  4. Padbrook Park had a bye.
  5. Merriemeade started well against Ashill Inn, but the home side finished well to take the game by 17 pins.  Merriemeade were 5 up at the half-way point, before Ashill took the last 3 legs for the win.
  6. The Travellers had a big home win against The Agri-Nuts.  Travellers set their stall out early and were 29 up after two legs.  They then took the remaining four for a clean sweep and a win by 68.
  7. Barley Knockons were on top form as they won their game against Tim’s Princes by 69.  Princes took just one leg in a disappointing night for the away side.

Reports – Division C – 27/09/2017

  1. Tim’s Booze Cruzers 409 The Jockeys 406
  2. HCC2 362 Tiverton Riverside Club 337
  3. Padbrook Park 411 The Farmers 384
  4. The Merriemeade had a bye
  5. The Agri-Nuts 339 Ashill Inn 374
  6. Tim’s Princes 386 The Travellers 357
  7. Tiverton Chiefs 390 Barley Knockons 385

High Scores:

66 – Peter Kittow (Agri-Nuts), 3 spares, one of 20; 65 – Josh Coffey (Padbrook Park), 3 spares.


  1. Tim’s Booze Cruzers edged a tight game at home to The Jockeys. Cruzers were 4 up after two legs, but Jockeys hit back to go 3 up after four. A best of the night 78 saw Jockeys stretch the lead to 11 with one leg to go, but a worst of the night 55 saw Cruzers take the spoils.
  2. HCC2 were winners at home to Tiverton Riverside Club. Riverside Club were in front by 2 after two legs, but the home side took the remaining four legs for a 25 pin win.
  3. Padbrook Park got off to a winning start in the league with a 27 pin win at home against The Farmers. Padbrook took the first three legs for an 11 pin advantage. Farmers took the fourth to reduce the deficit to 7, but a 22 pin advantage to the home side on the fifth effectively sealed the win.
  4. The Merriemeade had a bye.
  5. Ashill Inn started with a comfortable 35 pin win away at Agri-Nuts. The home side took the first and third legs, but Ashill had the game sown up after the fourth and fifth hands, where they picked up 33 pins.
  6. Tim’s Princes won by 29 at home to The Travellers.
  7. Another close game saw Tiverton Chiefs come out on top by 5 pins at home to Barley Knockons. Chiefs were 4 up after two legs and stretched that to 13 after four. Knockons took the last two legs, but came up 5 short.