Reports – Division C – 10/04/2019

  1. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye
  2. Barmy Army 495 The Agri-Nuts 386
  3. The Merriemeade had a bye
  4. HCC1 365 The Travellers 394
  5. The Farmers 406 Tim’s Booze Cruzers 378
  6. Ashill Inn 371 Bickleigh 405
  7. Rose and Crown 452 White Hart Floppers 399

High Scores:

84 – Steve Manning (Barmy Army), 5 Spares;  71 – Kicker Pike (Barmy Army), 3 Spares;  68 – Phil Slade (Barmy Army), 3 Spares;  67 – Simon Coombs (Rose and Crown), 2 Spares;  66 – Paul Blackman (Ashill Inn), 3 Spares.


  1. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye.
  2. Table-toppers Barmy Army finished in style with a 109 pin win against Agri-Nuts.  The win included two 101 rubs, plus a 5-spare 84 from Steve Manning.  Agri-Nuts won the third leg by 5.
  3. The Merriemeade had a bye.
  4. HCC1 365 The Travellers 394.
  5. The Farmers won at home to finish 2 points above visitors Tim’s Booze Cruzers.  Cruzers took the first rub by 4, but Farmers hit right back, taking the second by 13.  They continued their good form, winning the next two rubs for a 25 lead after four.  Cruzers took the fifth by 4, but Farmers were out of sight as they won by 28.
  6. Bickleigh finished with a win away at Ashill Inn.  Bickleigh were 12 up at the half-way point and took the fourth and fifth rubs for an unassailable 35 lead going into the last, which Ashill took by 1 to make the difference 34.
  7. Rose and Crown won at home against White Hart Floppers and finish second on pin difference.  Rose and Crown jumped into a 19 pin lead after two rubs.  An 82 third leg was drawn, before Rose and Crown took the next two rubs by 36 for an unbeatable lead.  Floppers took the last by 2 for a gap of 53.

Rose and Crown secure second place on pin difference. There was a 3-way tie for second – The Farmers, Bickleigh, Rose and Crown – and the calculations are shown below …

Reports – Division C – 03/04/2019

  1. Tiverton Riverside Club 358 Barmy Army 428
  2. The Agri-Nuts had a bye
  3. The Merriemeade 361 HCC1 410
  4. The Travellers 417 The Farmers 426
  5. Tim’s Booze Cruzers 443 Ashill Inn 412
  6. Bickleigh 422 Rose and Crown 446
  7. White Hart Floppers had a bye

High Scores:

None 65 or over this week.


  1. Barmy Army are confirmed as Division C champions following their win away at Tiverton Riverside Club. Barmy Army took all six rubs on their way to a 70 pin victory.
  2. The Agri-Nuts had a bye.
  3. HCC1 had a big 49 pin win away at The Merriemeade.  HCC1 were 38 pins up at the hallway point and didn’t look back as they lost just one leg on their way to taking the points.
  4. The Farmers chalked up a vital away win at The Travellers to stay in contention for second place.  It was all square after two legs, then Farmers took a single pin lead on the third and with the fourth and fifth tied, there was the narrowest of gaps heading into the last.  Travellers had set Farmers a 74 target to win, which they surpassed with their best leg of the night 82.
  5. Tim’s Booze Cruzers are one of three teams in joint second following their home win against Ashill Inn.  Cruzers started well with an 18 pin gain on the first.  Ashill took the next two rubs to narrow the gap to 15 at the half-way point, but another big leg from Cruzers on the fourth again stretched their lead to 30.  Cruzers pulled another 3 on the fifth and lost 2 on the last to make the winning margin 31.
  6. Rose and Crown were away winners at Bickleigh by 24 pins.  A 9 pin advantage to Rose and Crown on the first rub was soon wiped out as Bickleigh pulled 10 on the second. The game was levelled on the third, before Rose and Crown restored a 4 pin lead.  The away side then finished well with two 80+ rubs to take the game.
  7. White Hart Floppers had a bye

There are a huge number of permutations for second place next week.  Two of the current second place teams play each other (Farmers and Tim’s Booze Cruzers), but there could still be two or more teams level on points for second.  If two teams are tied, the pin difference in the matches between those two teams will decide the places.  If more than two teams are tied then the total pins will be added for games in which all those teams played and the highest total will decide places.

Reports – Division C – 27/03/2019

  1. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye
  2. HCC1 392 The Agri-Nuts 336
  3. The Farmers 395 The Merriemeade 378
  4. Ashill Inn 397 The Travellers 367
  5. Rose and Crown 437 Tim’s Booze Cruzers 427
  6. White Hart Floppers 384 Bickleigh 438
  7. Barmy Army had a bye

High Scores:

74 – Brian Chapman (Rose and Crown), 5 Spares;  68 – Ian Hyde (Rose and Crown), 3 Spares;  65 – Ian Palfrey (White Hart Floppers), 3 Spares;  65 – Phil Ruff (Tim’s Booze Cruzers), 2 Spares.


  1. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye.
  2. The Agri-Nuts four game winning streak came to an end with an away loss at HCC1.  Agri-Nuts were a man short and it told as HCC1 gained 15 on the first rub.  It wasn’t quite a white-wash though as Agri-Nuts took the second by 8 pins to reduce the gap to 7.  That was it for the evening though as HCC1 took the four remaining legs for a 56 pin win.
  3. The Farmers keep themselves in touch with the leaders following a 17 pin home win against The Merriemeade.  Farmers crept into a half-way point lead of 5, which Merriemeade wiped out on the fourth as they took a slender 3 pin lead.  A single pin advantage for Merriemeade on the fourth meant the game was set for a close finish, but a 3-spare 87 leg for The Farmers saw them win by 17.
  4. Ashill Inn were winners by 30 pins at home to The Travellers.  Ashill took the initiative and were 10 up after two rubs.  A drawn third meant the game was still up for grabs, but Ashill took the final three rubs for a comfortable win.
  5. Rose and Crown go level on points in third with opponents Tim’s Booze Cruzers, following their 10 pin home win.  Rose and Crown went 10 up after two rubs and added another 5 on the third.  Cruzers fought levelled the game on the fourth and then took a 12 pin lead on the fifth.  Rose and Crown had finished with an 86 last leg though and that proved enough to grab the points.
  6. White Hart Floppers started brightly against Bickleigh, taking the first rub by 12.  That was it for the night though as Bickleigh took the remaining five rubs for a win by 54.  The win leaves Bickleigh in second, 2 points clear of third place Tim’s Booze Cruzers and 2 behind leaders Barmy Army.
  7. Barmy Army had a bye.