AGM Minutes and Accounts Summary

Thanks to everyone who attended the 69th AGM and paid their team fees.  We now have 33 teams signed-up and are planning to run three 11 team divisions, plus the Knockout Cup and an additional Plate Cup competition for teams knocked out of the KO Cup in the first round.

Minutes of the 69th AGM

Accounts Summary

Individuals Cup

A great night was had at Tiverton Rugby Club as at last we got back to playing the Individuals Cup competition.  Through to the semi-finals are:

Connor Pengelly – The Farmers

Andrew Branton – Uplowman

Nick Lowman – Bellies

Luke Williams – Ashbrittle

Congratulations to you four and a massive thanks to everyone who came along to play, stick-up or support.  Best wishes to Mark for a speedy recovery.

Here’s how it went …

First Round (with fewer teams we didn’t need an elimination round, so it was straight into the knockout stage).

Round Two. Definitely an advantage playing second!

Quarter Finals

Away Averages

For anyone interested, here are the Away Averages for the season.  Adjustments were made in Divisions A and C to take account of there being one less match played because of the byes.  Click the image to expand it.

Final Tables and Away Averages Published

From the menu, select Tables or Away Averages to see the final standings.  Don’t forget the Individuals Cup competition at Tiverton Rugby Club on Wednesday 13th April – 7:30pm start.

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FINAL Tables for all Divisions

In order to move both byes to Division C, 2 teams will be promoted from Division B to Division A and 1 will be relegated from Division A, and 2 teams will be promoted from Division C to Division B and 1 team will be relegated from Division B.

In Division B, Bradninch RBL and Tim’s Princes are tied for the second promotion spot on 32 points.  In head-to-heads, Bradninch RBL scored 40 pins more than Tim’s Princes (769 vs 729) and will therefore be promoted.

This is subject to the same teams competing next season.

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Division A – Barley Knockons

Will not be providing any food this season as they have been let down by the person who would be supplying it.

They apologies and do not expect to be offered food at their away games.



Postponed Games





Division A Update

Updates for Division A teams ….

  • Barley Knockons are moving to the same location as Castaways have moved to – The Cottage Inn, 31 Champford Lane, Wellington, TA21 8BH.
  • Unfortunately Brass Monkeys have had to withdraw from the league.  This will create a bye in Division A.

The fixture files have been updated to reflect these changes.

Division A Teams – Please Note …

…..  that Castaways will no longer be playing at the Barley Mow, Rockwell Green.  Their new alley will be …

The Cottage Inn, 31 Champford Lane, Wellington, TA21 8BH

Fixture files will be reissued during week commencing 20th September 2021.

Also, Globetrotters are not able to offer food at their venue.