Reports – Division A – 13/12/2017

  1. Bellies 413, Castaways 374;
  2. The Hounds 280, Globetrotters 285;
  3. Crossways 407, Ashbrittle 419;
  4. Bradninch C Club 493, Brass Monkeys 437;
  5. Settler Boys 405, Elmore Club 449;
  6. The Ponies 383, Barmy Army 414;
  7. Queens Head 434, Barley Mow 413;

High Scores: 89 – Luke Williams (Ashbrittle, five spares); 75 – Adrian Bussell (Brass Monkeys, five spares); 71 – Ian Chave (Brass Monkeys, three spares); 70 – E Andress (Bradninch C Club, three spares); J Dowrick and M Gillard (Bradninch C Club, three spares); 66 – C Tucker (Barmy Army, three spares on of 21);


  1. A good first leg by Bellies helped them to overtake Castaways by 11 pins after two legs, and this was followed by a pull of 23 and 12 in the fourth and fifth legs. So a valuable two points were won to keep them in joint second place.
  2. The Hounds had a close game with Globetrotters, but unfortunately for them they lost the game by five pins. It was a generally low scoring game.
  3. After two legs Crossways were ahead of Ashbrittle, but the away team posted 70+ over the next four legs to take the win; this included a brilliant five spare 89 from Luke Williams.
  4. The first leg was shared in the game between Bradninch C Club and Brass Monkeys, but a big second leg of 92 and two 80+ other legs saw the home team take a good win. This in spite of a 71 from BM’s Ian Chave and a five spare 75 from Adrian Bussell!!!
  5. After two legs Settler Boys were seven pins down against Elmore Club, and when the away team posted four spare 91 fourth leg followed by an 83 last there was no coming back from that.
  6. The Ponies were overtaken by Barmy Army after the second leg and though they won two more legs were unable to reverse the scores and the game went to the away team.
  7. Queens Head had a good result in their game against Barley Mow as though the teams shared the legs, the home team pulled more pins and stay in top spot in the League.

Reports – Division A – 06/12/2017

  1. Castaways 358, The Hounds 353;
  2. Globetrotters 387, Crossways 427;
  3. Ashbrittle 350, Bradninch C Club 325;
  4. Brass Monkeys 394, Settler Boys 355;
  5. Elmore Club 366, The Ponies 342;
  6. Barmy Army 429, Queens Head 453;
  7. Barley Mow 412 Bellies 396;
    High Scores: 70 – Andrew Palfrey (Crossways, three spares); 65 – S Butt and C Martin (Queens Head, three spares);


  1. The first leg was shared in the game between Castaways and The Hounds and then the home team lost the third leg, but fought back to take a hard won game by just five pins.
  2. Globetrotters were playing against a fired-up Crossways who won five of the legs to take an emphatic win, with Andrew Palfrey in his first game for the team posting a three spare 70.
  3. Ashbrittle and Bradninch C Club shared the legs, but the home team took enough pins in their winning legs to take the win.
  4. Brass Monkeys had a good home win against Settler Boys winning five of the legs, only losing the last by which time the game was won.
  5. A good start by Elmore Club as they won the first four legs gave them an unassailable advantage over The Ponies, who won a rear-guard last two legs.
  6. Barmy Army had no answer to Queens Head, who have now won six games in a row to stay top of the table. The Army won the first and fourth leg, but Queens were never under pressure.
  7. A good win for Barley Mow as they only lost one leg to Bellies, who still maintain joint second place in the division, but the Mowers have now won two of their last three games.

Reports – Division A – 26/11/2017

  1. Crossways 399, Castaways 379;
  2. Bradninch C Club 463, Globetrotters 467;
  3. Settler Boys 471, Ashbrittle 419;
  4. The Ponies 395, Brass Monkeys 376;
  5. Queens Head 458, Elmore Club 440;
  6. Barmy Army 473, Barley Mow 434;
  7. The Hounds 306, Bellies 320;

High Scores: 92 – Brian Quait (Settler Boys, six spares!!); 69 – N Gubb (Castaways, two spares); 74 – S Manning (Barmy Army, four spares); 72 – P Slade (Barmy Army, three spares); 66 – Mark Billing (Barley Mow( three spares); G Prescott and C Welsh (Globetrotters, three and two spares); 65 – L Reed (Bradninch C Club, three spares); Wayne Cottrell (Settler Boys, one spare of 26);


  1. Crossways won their first four legs in their game with Castaways to take an unbeatable lead. Though the away team won the last two, they couldn’t match the home team.
  2. An exciting game was fought out between Bradninch C Club and Globetrotters, with the latter just taking the points by a mere four pins! Trotters stay in joint second place but The Cricketers drop to joint third.
  3. Game of the week must be Settler Boys v Ashbrittle, with Brian Quait posting that unique six spare 92 for the Boys, and his captain Wayne Cottrell throwing a 26 spare. Ashbrittle had no answer to that as they could only win the last leg.
  4. After two legs The Ponies had been overtaken by Brass Monkeys but then pulled enough on the next three legs to get and keep themselves ahead and take the game.
  5. Queens Head posted an alley record as they beat Elmore Club. Queens lost the first leg but won the rest to take the points that keep them top of the league.
  6. Barmy Army won their first two legs to overtake Barley Mow by 28 pins and then added to that over the last two to take a comfortable win.
  7. A winning first two legs by The Hounds put them 26 pins ahead of Bellies, but the latter then retaliated to take rest of the legs and the points to stay in joint second place in the Division.

Reports – Division A – 22/11/2017

  1. Castaways 356, Bradninch C Club 341;
  2. Globetrotters 379, Settler Boys 384;
  3. Ashbrittle 353, The Ponies 322;
  4. Brass Monkeys 361, Queens Head 363;
  5. Elmore Club 365, Barmy Army 354;
  6. Bellies 414, Crossways 357;
  7. Barley Mow 432, The Hounds 396;

High Scores: 70 – D Gratton (The Hounds, three spares); 66 – Mark Billing (Barley Mow, three spares); 65 – Steve Trevelyan (Bellies, two spares);


  1. Though Castaways had a slow start against Bradninch C Club they pulled 20 pins on the third leg to get in front and with winning the last two legs took the win.
  2. A close derby game took place between Globetrotters and Settler Boys with both teams winning three legs, but the Boys pulled away over the last two and won the points.
  3. After two legs Ashbrittle had only overtaken The Ponies by three pins, they won the rest of the legs to take 31 pin win.
  4. A very tight game was fought out with Brass Monkeys and Queens Head, with the latter winning the game on the fifth leg to take the points by two pins, and puts them top of the Division.
  5. After two legs Elmore Club were still behind Barmy Army but pulled 14 pins on the third to take the lead and still had their noses ahead on the line.
  6. Bellies won five of the legs in their game with Crossways to take an emphatic win. The other leg was shared. The home team had gone 17 pins up after two legs and won the last three.
  7. Barley Mow took a comfortable win over The Hounds as they won four of the legs. The home team 21 pins ahead after two and though they lost the next two won the last to take the points.

Reports – Division A – 15/11/2017

  1. Settler Boys 406, Castaways 399;
  2. The Ponies 433, Globetrotters 450;
  3. Queens Head 449, Ashbrittle 397;
  4. Barmy Army 425, Brass Monkeys 428;
  5. Elmore Club 333, Barley Mow 322;
  6. Bradninch C Club 493, Bellies 479;
  7. Crossways 393, The Hounds 387;
    Postponed game – Queens Head 423, The Hounds 414;
    High Scores: 73 – R Welsh (Queens Head, four spares); 71 – Gary Cross (Bellies, three spares); 70 – L Reed (Bradninch CC); K French and G Prescott (Globetrotters) all three spares; 68 – Richard Pike (Bellies, three spares); 67 – P Martin (Queens Head, two spares); 66 – Steve Wildey (Bellies, two spares); E Andress (Bradninch CC, four spares); M Gillard (Bradninch CC, two spares); 65 – R Acton (Bradninch CC, two spares); S Hodge (The Hounds, three spares); S Jones (Brass Monkeys, two spares); Dan Coffin (Settler Boys, two spares); D Groves (The Ponies, two spares);


  1. Settler Boys had won the first three legs by enough pins to take the points in their game with Castaways. The fourth leg was shared and the away team won the last two, but couldn’t make it to the line.
  2. It was a needle match between The Ponies and Globetrotters as whoever won the game would stay in joint top spot. A big pull of 31 pins on the first leg by the away team put them in a winning position and they retained that to the end.
  3. A good start by Queens Head in their game with Ashbrittle saw them take a 20 pin lead; the second was shared then the away team won two of the next three to nibble into the lead. Then came the leg of the night as Queens posted a four spare 100, to take a big win.
  4. The first leg was shared with Barmy Army and Brass Monkeys, and though the Army won three of the five left, the Monkeys took three more pins and the game!
  5. After three legs Elmore Club were 14 pins down against Barley Mow, but a fight back saw them win the last three legs and take the points.
  6. At the halfway stage in the game between Bradninch C Club and Bellies the home team were just two pins ahead, but a huge fourth leg of a seven spare 116 saw them pull 39 and though the away team won the last two, the points stayed at the club.
  7. It was a close game between Crossways and The Hounds with the result in doubt until the last leg. The home team were looking defeat in the face going into the last leg when they pulled 20 pins and won the game by six.

Reports – Division A – 08/11/2017

  1. Castaways 368, The Ponies 371;
  2. Globetrotters 382, Queens Head 434;
  3. Ashbrittle 368, Barmy Army 348;
  4. Brass Monkeys 331, Elmore Club 368;
  5. Bellies 395, Settler Boys 421;
  6. The Hounds 332, Bradninch C Club 328;
  7. Barley Mow 389, Crossways 397;

High Scores: 69 – Wayne Bristow (Settler Boys, three spares); 68 – G Pearce (Queens Head, three spares);


  1. In the game between Castaways and The Ponies not just were the legs shared but first the home team and then the away boys won alternate legs! Ponies just managed to get their noses in front at the line.
  2. Globetrotters were unable to win a leg at home to Queens Head. The writing was on the wall after two legs as the difference was already 20, and that total was added to take a big win.
  3. Ashbrittle were ahead after the first leg against Barmy Army and in-spite of losing the second stayed in front all the way to the end.
  4. It was not a good night for Brass Monkeys as league champions Elmore Club took four of the legs to take a comfortable win.
  5. Bellies had overtaken Settler Boys after three legs, but a good come back by the Boys who won last three to take a comfortable win.
  6. There was a welcome win for The Hounds who took a close game with Bradninch C Club. After three legs the home team were 13 pins to the good, and the away boys could only pull back nine.
  7. Barley Mow were overtaken by Crossways after two legs, and though they won the next two to go nine pins up the away team won the last two to take the points

Reports – Division A – 01/11/2017

  1. Queens Head 392, Castaways 385;
  2. Barmy Army 454, Globetrotters 450;
  3. Elmore Club 347, Ashbrittle 331;
  4. Brass Monkeys 397, Barley Mow 364;
  5. The Ponies 403, Bellies 397;
  6. Settler Boys 462, The Hounds 448;
  7. Bradninch C Club 521, Crossways 483;

High Scores: 89 – R Acton (Bradninch C Club, five spares); 81 – Richard Sobey (Crossways, four spares one of 24); 79 – A Hill (Barmy Army, five spares); 78 – J Reed (Bradninch C Club, four spares); 77 – J Dowrick (Bradninch C Club, four spares); 75 – Keith Newsome (Settler Boys, three spares one of 26); 73 – Ron Stoneman (Crossways, three spares); 70 – M Gillard (Bradninch C Club), Paul Foreman (The Hounds), Ryan Clements (The Ponies) all three spares; 69 – Dave Gratton (The Hounds, three spares); 66 – Steve Whiteway (Crossways, two spares); 65 – E Andress (Bradninch C Club, two spares);


  1. Both Queens Head and Castaways won two of the first four legs with only one pin separating them, but then the home team won the last two and the game by three.
  2. Another close game, this time between Barmy Army and Globetrotters with again the home team just getting their noses in front at the end by six pins.
  3. Elmore Club were down after four legs in their game with Ashbrittle, but got their act together over the last two to take the points.
  4. After three legs The Ponies were only one pin in front of Bellies, but a pull of 14 on the fourth leg helped them win the game and end Bellies unbeaten run.
  5. Though Brass Monkeys lost the first leg to Barley Mow they then won the rest of the legs to keep the points at home.
  6. A huge first leg of 93 from Settler Boys which included 26 and 21 spares set them up and The Hounds could not them. Man of the Match was Keith Newsome with that 26 spare and two more in his 75.
  7. A high scoring game was played between Bradninch C Club and Crossways, with eight players scoring 65 and over. Top score was Chris Acton for the home team, with Richard Sobey of Crossways posting 81 which included a 24 spare. The home team had a comfortable win.

Reports – Division A – 25/10/2017

  1. Castaways 385, Barmy Army 359;
  2. Globetrotters 443, Elmore Club 393;
  3. Ashbrittle 366, Brass Monkeys 310;
  4. Bellies 446, Queens Head 381;
  5. The Hounds 337, The Ponies 345;
  6. Crossways 435, Settler Boys 426;
  7. Barley Mow 396, Bradninch C Club 405;
    Late results; Brass Monkeys 358, Globetrotters 374; The Ponies 408, Crossways 387;
    High Scores: 83 – G Ingersent (Globetrotters, four spares); 74 – Brian Quait (Settler Boys, three spares); 71 – Neil Buckingham (Bellies, four spares), Steve Whiteway (Crossways, three spares); 68 – Ashley Rice (Crossways, three spares); 67 – Ryan Clements (The Ponies, three spares); 65 – Bruce Billing (Barley Mow, two spares), Colin Cross (Bellies, two spares);


  1. After two legs Castaways were ahead of Barmy Army and they won the rest of the legs to take a comfortable win and the points.
  2. Globetrotters maintain their unbeaten run as they beat Elmore Club having taken the first leg and then posting a four spare 93 fifth leg, winning four legs in all.
  3. This week sees Ashbrittle take their second win in a row as they won five legs in their game with Brass Monkeys. They had overtaken the away team after two legs and there they stayed.
  4. Bellies won all their legs in the game against Queens Head, to stay unbeaten in the league, and included a four spare 71 from Neil Buckingham.
  5. It was not a good day at the line for The Hounds as they had a close game with The Ponies, winning the first three legs but losing the last three by more!
  6. Crossways had a close game with Settler Boys and though they lost the first two legs won the last four of which three were 80 and more.
  7. Barley Mow were overtaken by Bradninch C Club after two legs and also lost the third, they then won the last three legs, but could not post enough to take a win

Reports – Division A – 18/10/2017

  1. Elmore Club 365, Castaways 336;
  2. Brass Monkeys v Globetrotters – no result received;
  3. Ashbrittle 339, Barley Mow 331;
  4. Barmy Army 415, Bellies 418;
  5. Queens Head v The Hounds – game postponed;
  6. The Ponies v Crossways – no result received;
  7. Settler Boys 444, Bradninch C Club 494;

    High Scores: 71 – E Andress (Bradninch C Club, four spares); Wayne Cotterell (Settler Boys, three spares); M Gillard (Bradninch C Club, three spares); C Acton (Bradninch C Club, three spares);


  1. Elmore Club won five of their legs against Castaways to take good win, only losing the second leg on their way to victory.
  2. Brass Monkeys v Globetrotters – no result received;
  3. Ashbrittle took a very welcome win over Barley Mow by eight pins. They took the first four legs and that was enough.
  4. It was a close game between Barmy Army and Bellies with the later pulling enough pins on the last leg to take a three pin win!
  5. The game between Queens Head and The Hounds has been postponed.
  6. The Ponies v Crossways – no result received
  7. After two legs Settler Boys and Bradninch C Club were level and though the Boys won the third leg the Cricketers took the last three and the game.

Reports – Division A – 11/10/2017

  1. Castaways 349, Brass Monkeys 339;
  2. Globetrotters 438, Ashbrittle 381;
  3. Bellies 370, Elmore Club 367;
  4. The Hounds 331, Barmy Army 318;
  5. Crossways 385, Queens Head 406;
  6. Bradninch C Club 450 The Ponies 449;
  7. Barley Mow 423, Settler Boys 400;

High Scores: 71 – S Dryhurst (Globetrotters, 2 spares one of 23); 69 – C Acton (Bradninch C Club, two spares) 68 – Kevin Richardson (Barley Mow) and C Welsh (Globetrotters) both 2 spares;


  1. After two legs Castaways had overtaken Brass Monkeys, then narrowly won the third with BMs winning the next two the home team were only five up. Then the decisive last leg was won by Castaways to take the points.
  2. Globetrotters took five of the legs in their game with Ashbrittle to take a big win which included a 23 spare in Shaun Dryhurst’s score of 71.
  3. A close game took place between Bellies and Elmore Club with the home team just edging the win. The first leg was shared and though Bellies were 11 pins down going into the last two they found enough to take a close game.
  4. The Hounds had a good start against Barmy Army as after two legs they had taken 22 pin lead, they lost the third and fifth and with the fourth shared the last leg was the important one. The home team won that and the points.
  5. Crossways were up after two legs against Queens Head, but then lost the next three legs, and though they won the last the game was gone from them.
  6. Bradninch C Club and The Ponies had a close game with the decisive leg being the home time five spare 102 fourth leg (the only leg they won!), but it was enough to take the points.
  7. The legs were shared in the game between Barley Mow and Settler Boys but a larger haul on the legs the Mowers won was what won them the game.