Reports – Division B – 14/03/2018

  1. Huntsham A 393 Uplowman 366
  2. Calverleigh 399 Prince B 391
  3. redwoods 376 Catherine Wheel 348
  4. Rose and Crown no card Bradninch RBL
  5. HCC1 366 Bullocks 379
  6. All Blacks 369 Bickleigh 367
  7. Roy’s Rebels 316 Oggies 337

High Scores:- 74 M Carey (3 spares, Price B).


  1. Huntsham A went 5 down against Uplowman but with a big pull in the 4th they managed to take a nice 27 pin win.
  2. Calverleigh keep up the pace with a slender 8 pin win over Prince B who were only 1 down with 2 rubs to go.
  3. Redwoods led from pillar to post against Catherine Wheel who only managed to pull a single pin in 1 rub leaving the home side with a 28 pin win.
  4. Rose and Crown No Card  Bradninch RBL
  5. HCC1 stay in the drop zone as the Bullocks come from behind to take a 13 pin win with the rubs being shared.
  6. All Blacks give a glimmer of Bickleigh being caught with a very slim 2 pin win after coming from behind only being in front after the final rub.
  7. Roy’s Rebels managed a pull in only 1 rub as the Oggies take a decent 21 pin win with the only spare of the game coming from the losing team.

Reports – Division B – 07/03/2018

  1. Uplowman 360 Calverleigh 379
  2. Prince B 399 Redwoods 359
  3. Catherine Wheel 395 Rose and Crown 376
  4. Bradninch RBL 411 HCC1 398
  5. Oggies 398 Bullocks 361
  6. Bickleigh 436 Huntsham A 427
  7. Roy’s Rebels 344 All Blacks 328

High Scores:-69 M Ware (3 spares, Bickleigh), 65 D Drew (2 spares, H C C 1),


  1. Uplowman fell behind early doors against Calverleigh going 25 down, the home side then held their own but the damage was done and the away side held for a 19 pin win.
  2. Prince B took a convincing win against Redwoods winning 4 of the rubs coming out 40 pins to the good.
  3. Catherine Wheel  stumbled out the traps going 19 down in the first visit to the alley against Rose and Crown but with a 24 pin pull in the third they soon took control and ran out 19 pin winners.
  4. Bradninch RBL pulled on each visit to the alley against HCC1 giving them a 13 pin win leaving the away side dangerously near the drop zone.
  5. Oggies only dropped in 1 rub against the Bullocks which gave them a nice 37 pin win.
  6. Bickleigh remain at the top with a close win against Huntsham A who managed to take half the rubs but went down by 9.
  7. Roy’s Rebels and All Blacks snapped on the first rub but the home team soon started to pull away pulling pins on all the remaining rubs to win by 16 pins.

Reports – Division B – 28/02/2018

  1. Redwoods 364 Uplowman 403
  2. Rose and Crown 464 Prince B 386
  3. HCC1 357 Catherine Wheel 380
  4. Bullocks 408 Bradninch RBL 402
  5. Calverleigh 432 Bickleigh 390
  6. Huntsham A  POSP  Roy’s Rebels
  7. All Blacks  No Card  Oggies

High Scores:-71 P Mills (3 spares, Prince B), 70 F Saunders (3 spares, Calverleigh), 69 S Coombs (3 spares, Rose & Crown), 66 J Pulford (4 spares, Rose & Crown), 65 S Holmes (2 spares, Rose & Crown).


  1. Redwoods started off 1 pin to the good after the first visit to the alley but Uplowman responded well pulling on the remaining rubs for a 37 pin win.
  2. Rose and Crown took no prisoners against Prince B pulling on every rub and running out 78 pin winners.
  3. HCC1 forgot to turn up in the first rub dropping 23 pins against Catherine Wheel and as the rest of the match was even the away side held the 23 pins until the end.
  4. Bullocks and Bradninch RBL kept things close with the rubs being shared but with the 14 pin pull in the first it saw the home side good for a 6 pin win.
  5. Calverleigh close the gap slightly on Bickleigh with a nice 42 pin win dropping pins in only the first rub.
  6. Huntsham A  POSP  Roy’s Rebels
  7. All Blacks  No Card  Oggies

Reports – Division B – 21/02/2018

1. Uplowman 389, Rose and Crown 378;
2. Prince B 374, HCC1 392;
3. Catherine Wheel 389, Bullocks 377;
4. Oggies 397, Bradninch RBL 403;
5. Bickleigh 488, Redwoods 434;
6. Roy’s Rebels 332, Calverleigh 320;
7. All Blacks 326, Huntsham A 329;
High Scores; 74 – N Sharland (Bickleigh, four spares); 68 – M Ware (Bickleigh, three spares); 67 – R House (Redwoods, three spares); 66 – Darron Drew (HCC1, three spares);

1. After two legs Uplowman were eight pins up on Rose & Crown but the latter then pulled ten pins on the third and the fourth was shared. Then the home team won the last two legs to take the game.
2. It was not a good evening for Prince B as they went down at home to HCC1, who won the first two legs, and then the fourth to take a 13 pin advantage. They then won the last two to win the points.
3. Catherine Wheel set up a winning lead against Bullocks as they won three of the first four legs with other shared, and kept themselves ahead to the last.
4. There was nothing to separate Oggies and Bradninch RBL after two legs, but the away team had pulled away after the next two, and held to take the game by six pins.
5. Bickleigh carry on winning as this week they comfortably beat Redwoods. Though the home team lost the second leg they won the rest and are now eight points clear at the top of the table.
6. With Roy’s Rebels beating Calverleigh it means that the teams are now tied in second place. After three legs the home team were ten pins ahead and added two more to that to take the game.
7. A close game between All Blacks and Huntsham A come the end of the game was won by the away team.

Reports – Division B – 14/02/2018

  1. HCC1 368 Uplowman 371
  2. Bullocks 397 Prince B 409
  3. Bradninch RBL 421 Catherine Wheel 374
  4. Rose and Crown 394 Bickleigh 426
  5. Redwoods 386 Roy’s Rebels 398
  6. Calverleigh 379 All Blacks 376
  7. Huntsham A 385 Oggies 375

High Scores:-73 M Ware (3 spares, Bickleigh), 70 D Gollop (3 spares, Prince B), 68 R Mcabe (3 spares, Roys Rebels).


  1. HCC1 drop dangerously near the drop zone as Uplowman pull 12 on the last 2 rubs to pinch a small 3 pin away win.
  2. Bullocks saw themselves 5 up at the half way stage but with Prince B pulling on the last 3 rubs they walked away 12 pin winners.
  3. Bradninch RBL take a nice 47 pin win over Catherine Wheel who struggled to make an impact on the home side.
  4. Rose and Crown couldn’t halt the un beaten run since the break of Bickleigh who take a 32 pin win to stay 6 points clear at the top of the table.
  5. Redwoods started well against Roy’s Rebels going 7 up but the away side responded well in the 3rd with a 24 pin pull which saw them good until the end for a 12 pin win.
  6. Calverleigh hold 2nd spot thanks to a slender 3 pin win over All Blacks who managed to pull on half the rubs but fell just short on pins.
  7. Huntsham A take 2 valuable points at the expense of Oggies who kept it all square after 4 rubs but the home side pulled 10 on the last 2 to take the win.

Reports – Division B – 07/02/2018

  1. Uplowman 375 Bullocks 373
  2. Prince B 359 Bradninch RBL 358
  3. Oggies 394 Catherine Wheel 380
  4. Bickleigh 475 HCC1 441
  5. Roy’s Rebels 344 Rose and Crown 326
  6. All Blacks 364 Redwoods 358
  7. Huntsham A 355 Calverleigh 358

High Scores:-79 H Allegh (4 spares, HCC1), 71 M Ware (2 spares inc a 25, Bickleigh)


  1. Uplowman and Bullocks had close rubs throughout the game ending in the home side edging it by a very close 2 pins.
  2. Prince B and Bradninch RBL had a close match sharing the rubs but the home side managed to edge it by a single pin at the finish line.
  3. Oggies were 4 up after the first visit to the alley against Catherine Wheel and slowly add to that tally to come out 14 pin winners.
  4. Bickleigh maintain a healthy lead at the top of the table with a nice 34 pin win over HCC1 being behind after the first visit to the alley but soon taking command after.
  5. Roy’s Rebels keep up the pace with a 18 pin win over Rose and Crown dropping pins on only the 5th rub.
  6. All Blacks went 14 down after the first visit to the alley against Redwoods but with pulls in the remaining 4 rubs the edged in to the lead to win by 6.
  7. Huntsham A and Calverleigh had close match throughout with the away side going 1 up after visit 1 and holding that 1 pin lead after visit 2 and with a 2 pin pull on the last visit it gave them a slender 3 pin win.

Reports – Division B – 31/01/2018

  1. Bradninch RBL 387 Uplowman 378
  2. Catherine Wheel 375 Prince B 405
  3. Bullocks 390 Bickleigh 400
  4. HCC1 377 Roy’s Rebels 380
  5. Rose and Crown 429 All Blacks 448
  6. Redwoods 386 Huntsham A 379
  7. Calverleigh 386 Oggies 411
    High scores:-73 M Coombs (3 spares, All Blacks), 66 S Holmes (2 spares, Rose & Crown).


  1. Bradninch RBL and Uplowman shared the rubs but the home side pulled well enough on theirs to see them to a 9 pin win.
  2. Catherine Wheel pulled well in the middle 2 rubs but with Prince B taking the other 4 they took a nice 30 pin away win.
  3. Bullocks built up a 14 pin lead over the first 4 rubs against Bickleigh who then smashed that and then some with a 21 pin pull in the 5th ending with a 10 pin win.
  4. HCC1 and Roy’s Rebels had a close game with the home side needing to pull 4 for the win but 3 pins short giving the away side the spoils.
  5. Rose and Crown scored well against the All Blacks but the away side scored better taking a 19 pin win keeping the away side in touch.
  6. Redwoods built up a 34 pin lead in the first half of the game against Huntsham A who in turn pulled well in the 2nd half of the game but fell 7 pins short of the target.
  7. Calverleigh took a slender lead after the first visit to the alley against the Oggies who then took three of the remaining 4 rubs for a 25 pin win.

Reports – Division B – 24/01/2018

  1. Uplowman v Catherine Wheel – game postponed.
  2. Oggies 347, Prince B 382;
  3. Bickleigh 479, Bradninch RBL 463;
  4. Roy’s Rebels 329, Bullocks 338;
  5. All Blacks 310, HCC1 352;
  6. Huntsham A 359 Rose and Crown 356;
  7. Calverleigh 358, Redwoods 384;

High Scores; 82 – T Burns (Bradninch RBL, four spares one of 23); 77 – M Ware (Bickleigh, four spares); 72 – M Setherton (Bickleigh, three spares); 68 – L Sharland (Bickleigh, two spares); 66 – B Bussell (Bradninch RBL, three spares);


  1. Uplowman v Catherine Wheel – game postponed;
  2. Oggies were up against an inform Prince B, who won the first four legs to take a commanding lead and though the home team won the last two the game was already gone!
  3. After four legs Bickleigh were just two pins up on Bradninch RBL, and a five spare 100 fifth leg saw them pull and further 29 pins and that was game won.
  4. Though Roy’s Rebels won the first two legs to take the lead against Bullocks the latter won three of the last four by enough to win the game by nine, and join their opponents in joint third place.
  5. All Blacks were ahead after three legs in their game with HCC1,  but the cricketers pulled enough pins over the last three to take a 42 pin win.
  6. It was a close game between Huntsham A and Rose and Crown with the result not decided until the last leg. A pull of 21 in the fourth put the away team ahead but it was not enough.
  7. After two legs Calverleigh had been overtaken by Redwoods to trail by 19 pins and though they won two of the next four legs could not catch up the away team.

Reports – Division B – 17/01/2018

  1. Prince B 405 Uplowman 347
  2. Catherine Wheel 376 Bickleigh 379
  3. Bradninch RBL 455 Roy’s Rebels 381
  4. Bullocks 386 All Blacks 368
  5. HCC1 378 Huntsham A 384
  6. Rose and Crown 403 Calverleigh 434
  7. Redwoods 388 Oggies 389
    High Scores:– 69 E Kinkdom (3 spares, Calverleigh), 68 J Tucker (4 spares, Calverleigh), 66 M Carey (3 spares, Pince B).


  1. Prince B move off the bottom with a tasty 52 pin win against Uplowman only dropping a pin in the last rub.
  2. Catherine Wheel and Bickleigh fought out a close game with the away coming out on top with a tight 3 pin win.
  3. Bradninch RBL and Roy’s Rebels go level in 3rd spot as the home side pick up a very tasty 74 pin win leading from pillar to post.
  4. Bullocks pulled well in the first 3 rubs to go 19 up although the All Blacks took the next 2 rubs the home side had a 12 pin pull in the last to win by 18.
  5. HCC1 and Huntsham A are rooted to the bottom of the table with this game going to the home side with a steady 24 pin win.
  6. Rose and Crown had a small pull in the first against Calverleigh but that’s where it ended as the away side took the rest for a nice 31 pin win.
  7. Redwoods went behind early doors against the Oggies who faltered at the end but the away side just hung on to win by a single pin.

Reports – Division B – 20/12/2017

  1. Uplowman 379 Oggies 398
  2. Prince B 401 Bickleigh 363
  3. Catherine Wheel  post Roy’s Rebels
  4. Bradninch RBL 405 All Blacks 376
  5. Bullocks 365 Huntsham A 397
  6. HCC1 362 Calverleigh 370
  7. Rose and Crown 376 Redwoods 436

High Scores:-  73 R Westcott (3 spares, Redwoods), 65 S Prescott (2 spares, Huntsham A).


  1. Uplowman and Oggies kept things close but the away side took the edge as the game went on winning by 19.
  2. Prince B took a 17 pin loss in the 2nd against table toppers Bickleigh but with pulls in all the other rubs they came out 38 pin winners.
  3. Catherine Wheel  match posponed Roy’s Rebels
  4. Bradninch RBL were up against it after dropping in 3 of th3 first 4 rubs against All Blacks but 2 good pulls in the last rubs saw them to a 29 pin win.
  5. Bullocks couldn’t hold Huntsham A as the away side dropped pins in only the last rub on the way to a 32 pin win.
  6. HCC1 lost the game in the first and last against Calverleigh who pulled enough on those 2 rubs to pull out an 8 pin win.
  7. Rose and Crown took a heavy defeat against Redwoods who started with a 33 pin pull in the first on the way to a 60 pin win.