Reports – Division C – 27/03/2019

  1. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye
  2. HCC1 392 The Agri-Nuts 336
  3. The Farmers 395 The Merriemeade 378
  4. Ashill Inn 397 The Travellers 367
  5. Rose and Crown 437 Tim’s Booze Cruzers 427
  6. White Hart Floppers 384 Bickleigh 438
  7. Barmy Army had a bye

High Scores:

74 – Brian Chapman (Rose and Crown), 5 Spares;  68 – Ian Hyde (Rose and Crown), 3 Spares;  65 – Ian Palfrey (White Hart Floppers), 3 Spares;  65 – Phil Ruff (Tim’s Booze Cruzers), 2 Spares.


  1. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye.
  2. The Agri-Nuts four game winning streak came to an end with an away loss at HCC1.  Agri-Nuts were a man short and it told as HCC1 gained 15 on the first rub.  It wasn’t quite a white-wash though as Agri-Nuts took the second by 8 pins to reduce the gap to 7.  That was it for the evening though as HCC1 took the four remaining legs for a 56 pin win.
  3. The Farmers keep themselves in touch with the leaders following a 17 pin home win against The Merriemeade.  Farmers crept into a half-way point lead of 5, which Merriemeade wiped out on the fourth as they took a slender 3 pin lead.  A single pin advantage for Merriemeade on the fourth meant the game was set for a close finish, but a 3-spare 87 leg for The Farmers saw them win by 17.
  4. Ashill Inn were winners by 30 pins at home to The Travellers.  Ashill took the initiative and were 10 up after two rubs.  A drawn third meant the game was still up for grabs, but Ashill took the final three rubs for a comfortable win.
  5. Rose and Crown go level on points in third with opponents Tim’s Booze Cruzers, following their 10 pin home win.  Rose and Crown went 10 up after two rubs and added another 5 on the third.  Cruzers fought levelled the game on the fourth and then took a 12 pin lead on the fifth.  Rose and Crown had finished with an 86 last leg though and that proved enough to grab the points.
  6. White Hart Floppers started brightly against Bickleigh, taking the first rub by 12.  That was it for the night though as Bickleigh took the remaining five rubs for a win by 54.  The win leaves Bickleigh in second, 2 points clear of third place Tim’s Booze Cruzers and 2 behind leaders Barmy Army.
  7. Barmy Army had a bye.

Knockout Cup – Second Round

1. Ashbrittle 362 Bradninch RBL 339;
2. Barmy Army 438 Bickleigh 443;
3. Bellies 365, Calverleigh 381;
4. Settler Boys 442, Bradninch C Club 440;
5. Uplowman 396, The Farmers 361;
6. Catherine Wheel 363, Globetrotters 367;
7. All Blacks 333, Prince B 305;
8. HCC2 385 Crossways 371;

High Scores – 75 – Andy Crocker (Settler Boys, two spares one of 24); 66 – Keith Halsey (HCC2, two spares);

1. Ashbrittle won the first three legs to overtake Bradninch RBL and maintained their advantage to the line.
2. A close game took place between the stable mates Barmy Army and Bickleigh, with only five pins separating the teams at the line, and those pins won by Bickleigh.
3. Bellies lost 21 pins on the first leg against Calverleigh and though they drew the second and won the next two, lost the last two and the game.
4.The game between Settler Boys and Bradninch C Club went down to the wire with the former taking the game by just two pins. Between them the teams posted five 80+ legs.
5. Uplowman posted a four spare 89 second leg against The Farmers and this helped them to the win as they move into the next round.
6. Another close game, this one between Catherine Wheel and the winners Globetrotters;
7. All Blacks only lost one leg as they won their game with Prince B and that was the second but they had taken the lead and did not let it go.
8. HCC2 were overtaken by Crossways after two legs, but then got their act together winning two and drawing one of the next four legs to move into the next round.
Therefore the Quarter-Finals Round to be played 24th April 2019 is as follows;
1. Ashbrittle v Bickleigh;
2. HCC2 v Globetrotters;
3. Uplowman v Settler Boys;
4.All Blacks v Calverleigh;

Knockout Cup Fixtures – First Round

1. Bickleigh 492 Redwoods 426;

2. Catherine Wheel 387 HCC1 372;

3. Barley Mow 344 Farmers 362;

4. Oggies 384 Ashbrittle 413;

5. The Agri-nuts 368 Settler Boys 381;

6. Calverleigh had a bye;

7. Queens Head v Crossways – to be rearranged.;

8. Bradninch RBL 398 Ashill Inn 359;

9. All Blacks 330 Tim’s Booze Cruzers 319;

10. Tiverton Chiefs 335 Barmy Army 438;

11. Bullocks 384 Bradninch C Club 418;

12. Tiverton Riverside Club 376 Bellies 421;

13. The Travellers 396 Uplowman 399;

14. Brass Monkey 359 Prince B 369;

15. Globetrotters 390 Elmore Club 384;

16. The Merriemeade 362 HCC2 377;

High Scores – 78 – Bryan Sharland (Bickleigh, three spares, one of 24); 72 – Barry Mildon (Bickleigh, two spares, one of 24); 71 – Phil Slade (Barmy Army, three spares);


1. Bickleigh had a good start to their game with Redwoods and took charge winning the first five legs – Bryan Sharland and Barry Mildon posting 70+ scores each with a 24 spare!

2. Catherine Wheel lost the first two legs against HCC1 and then won the rest to take the win by 15 pins

3. Barley Mow were overtaken by The Farmers after the second leg and they stayed in the front to take the game!

4. Oggies came up against an in form Ashbrittle only taking the fifth as the latter move on to the next round.

5. The Agri-Nuts took on first Division Settler Boys and with the legs shared it was down to how much each team won their leg by, and The Boys took the game by 13 as they won theirs by more.

6. Calverleigh had a bye

7. Queens Head v Crossways – to be rearranged

8. Though Bradninch RBL lost the first leg to Ashill Inn they got their act together and won the leg and the game!

9. After two legs All Blacks had gone behind as Tim’s Booze Cruzers won those to go 10 pins up, but the home team played catch up and had an 11 pin win!

10. With Barmy Army on alley first and posting a 91 first leg Tiverton Chiefs were always playing catch up and were unable to as they lost  by 103 pins!

11. Bullocks lost four legs to Bradninch C Club and shared another which gave the game to the away team.

12. Tiverton Riverside Club were 17 pins down after 2 legs in their game with  Bellies and though they won two legs not by enough to take the game.

13. The Travellers had a really close game with Uplowman who just managed by three pins to take the game and are in the next round.

14. It was a fairly close game between Brass Monkeys and Prince B until the latter posted a 78 leg to take enough pins to win the game by 10.

15. Globetrotters had the best of the play in their game with Elmore Club as though they lost the first and fifth legs took enough pins on the rest to move to the next round.

16. The Merriemeade went down by 15 pins to HCC2 as they lost the first four legs, and though they won the last two it was too little too late!

Therefore the Second Round to be played 9th January 2019 is as follows; 1. Ashbrittle v Bradninch RBL 2. Barmy Army v Bickleigh 3. Bellies v Calverleigh 4. Settler Boys v Bradninch C Club 5. Uplowman v The Farmers 6. Catherine Wheel v Globetrotters 7. All Blacks v Prince B 8. HCC2 v Queens Head/Crossways

Knockout Cup – Preliminary Round

  1. Prince B had a bye;
  2. The Travellers 374 Rose & Crown  370;
  3. Tiverton Riverside had a bye;
  4. Queens Head 441 Castaways 382;
  5. All Blacks 312 Huntsham A 310;
  6. The Farmers 419 Tim’s Princes 397;
  7. Redwoods had a bye;
  8. Barmy Army 505 White Hart Floppers 397;
  9. Ashill Inn had a bye;
  10. Elmore Club 377 Roy’s Rebels 332;
  11. The Merriemeade had a bye;
  12. Uplowman 386  Barley Knockons 354;
  13. Settler Boys had a bye;
  14. Oggies 385 The Hounds 361;
  15. Bradninch C Club 485 The Ponies 459;
  16. Barley Mow had a bye;

High Scores: 84 –  J Manley (Barmy Army, 4 spares one of 24); 82 –  J Dowrick (Bradninch C Club, 5 spares); 77 – C Tucker (Barmy Army, 3 spares one of 27); 71 – G Westcott (The Farmers), G Pearce (Queens Head) both 3 spares; 69 – R and B Clements (The Ponies, both 3 spares); 68 – D Bere (Tim’s Princes, 2 spares on of 22); 67 – P Slade (Barmy Army, 2 spares); 66 – K Bere (Tim’s Princes, three spares);  65 – L Reed (Bradninch C Club, 2 spares);


  1. Prince B had a bye.
  2. The Travellers had a close game with Rose and Crown with the game just won for the home team at the end of the fifth leg as the last was drawn.
  3. Tiverton Riverside Club had a bye.
  4. Though Queens Head lost the first leg in their game with Crossways they won the rest to move into the next round. The game included a three spare 71 from Queens’ Gary Pearce.
  5. There were only two pins separating All Blacks and Huntsham A at the end of the game, and those pins gave the home team the win.
  6. The Farmers took control in their game with Tim’s Princes from the start winning all the last but the last one. Gerald Westcott of Farmers top scored with 71, whilst Dan Bere of Tim’s Princes posted a 22 spare.
  7. Redwoods had a bye.
  8. Barmy Army heavily beat White Hart Floppers as BA’s captain Colin Tucker included  a 27 spare in his score of 77, with his team mate Jason Manley top scoring with 84 and four spares with one of 24;
  9. Ashill Inn had a bye.
  10. Elmore Club won five legs as they beat Roy’s Rebels; after four legs they were well ahead, and though the latter won the five they could do no more!
  11. The Merriemeade had a bye.
  12. Uplowman won the first two legs in their game with Barley Knockons who won the third but the home team won the last three to take the win and move into the next round.
  13. Settler Boys had a bye.
  14. Though Oggies lost the first leg against The Hounds they won the next four and with the last leg shared, the home team took the win.
  15. Bradninch C Club started the game with a five spare 94 leg to take a 26 pin lead over The Ponies, and though the latter posted a four spare 90 leg the home maintained their form and took the game.
  16. Barley Mow had a bye.

Therefore the First Round to be played 19th September is as follows;

  1. Bickleigh v Redwoods;
  2. Catherine Wheel v HCC1;
  3. Barley Mow v The Farmers;
  4. Oggies v Ashbrittle;
  5. The Agri-Nuts v Settler Boys;
  6. Calverleigh have a bye;
  7. Queens Head v Crossways;
  8. Bradninch RBL v Ashill Inn;
  9. All Blacks v Tim’s Booze Cruzers;
  10. Tiverton Chiefs v Barmy Army;
  11. Bullocks v Bradninch C Club;
  12. Tiverton Riverside Club v Bellies;
  13. The Travellers v Uplowman;
  14. Brass Monkeys v Prince B;
  15. Globetrotters v Elmore Club;
  16. The Merriemeade v HCC2;